Wikipedia:Frequently asked questions


December 7, 2021

General questions

What is a wiki? What does Egyptian Wikipedia mean? Wikipedia is a free, neutral and free encyclopedia project for all people, and it is open to anyone who contributes to editing it, writing or modifying it in Egyptian on the Internet according to certain standards and methods. Egyptian Wikipedia articles are written in Egyptian only and not in any other language. So far, there are more than 265 Wikipedias written in 265 languages. The word Wikipedia is made up of two words: the first “wiki” (meaning writing and editing in this way, and editors can modify some texts), and the second “encyclopedia” (a word of Latin origin meaning “encyclopedia”). The Egyptian version “Egyptian Wikipedia” started as a project in April/Bermuda 2008, and all those who contribute to it write in the new Egyptian language that Egyptians speak and in Arabic letters. What is the Egyptian language? The modern Egyptian language is the first language that Egyptians learn from their fathers and mothers before they reach the age of five, and they do not need lessons in its grammar, in spending or towards it, because it is the closest to them of all languages. The modern Egyptian language is a recognized language "ISO 639-3". The language code for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 639), is arz. Isn't Egyptian a dialect of Arabic? So far, there is disagreement over the answer to this question. All languages ​​are basically dialects, but what makes it considered a language is that it is monolithic in the way it is written on a particular type/lect. There are also characteristics that can make the dialect not considered a language, if it is not used in writing, or it is rare if you wrote for any reason (for example, to prevent it from being written) or if it is not prescient with regard to other dialects. Generally speaking, in linguistics they say that study and scientific research say that the modern Egyptian language has linguistic and historical origins far beyond the Arabic language; In the sense that it was not derived from the Arab, but was basically the product of the interaction of the Egyptians who spoke Coptic with the entry of the Arabs into Egypt in the seventh century AD. Even if the Egyptian language is considered a dialect, the policy and conditions of the Wikimedia Foundation allow Wikipedia projects to be used in dialects, as long as there are enthusiastic users about the project and it will help spread more knowledge. There are many Wikipedias in different dialects or in a different way of writing the same language. It even has a simple English Wikipedia, meaning there are two encyclopedias for one language. It has a Norwegian violin in Old Imlla Bokmål and Norwegian in New Imlsk Nynorsk, Kurdish in Latin letters and Kurdish in Arabic letters, German and German Alemannisch and Pennsylvanian German, Dutch and Northwestern Dutch and Belgian Dutch, Belarusian and Belarusian

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