December 7, 2021

The way of writing in Egyptian Wikipedia The Egyptian version of Wikipedia is written in the modern Egyptian language that the Egyptians speak and written as they write it in their answers to each other and in their daily lives. Egyptians write the Egyptian in novels, plays, and folk poems, as well as in comedy magazines, advertisements, and a few grannies. The Egyptian can write in any way as long as any Egyptian can understand it. As long as you know how to write in Egyptian, write what you know in Egyptian Wikipedia.

General principles

Take comfort in writing as long as you are not biased. Try to degrade the sources that I got your words from. Write, edit, translate, about articles, but don't insult anyone. Write in the way you like, but Cairo is the famous way of writing Egyptian speech, the important thing is that Egyptians understand it. Try to be neutral. What do you defame? Don't transfer materials that have copyrights reserved. Try to log in so that your contributions are registered in your name, not in the name of your IP address, and don't forget to proceed with ~~~~ on the discussion page. Spelling mistakes will happen, they will happen, there is no problem, because every one of the users can fix them. Always try to explain the reason for your modifications, and in particular the reason for your recall of the modifications of one of the other two Users. Try to encourage and help the new contributors. Wikipedia is an open encyclopedia that you can edit and provide, and if you see something wrong, fix it, as long as you are not biased.


Choose the way you like, and stick to it. If you choose to write in an article in a certain hopeful way, please stick to the same method in the rest of the article. It is not useful to write by poke a method in one article and in the same line, and it is not useful to write a single word by poke a way in the same article (unless it becomes clear that it is written by poke a way in the first). Please don't change the way you hope in the articles, as long as the entire article is written in one way. And if you want to provide for it, write in the same way as its Amla. You can use these letters in the headings: aa a b t c h d d z u u y y y n q q m m e y y. You can use letters to clarify the pronunciation in the context of the forgiveness, such as پ . The letter چ is for the pronunciation of /ʒ/ as it is used in Egypt, not /t͡ʃ/ like in Farsi! The second pronunciation is written in ch. The letter V is the pronunciation of /v/ as it is used in Egypt, not the Algerian-Tunisian q that is used to pronounce /ɡ/. The second pronunciation is written with the letter c. Write viva or viva. Write Eva or Eva, no problem. The most important thing is to stick to one method of writing in the same page. Look down on writing in the Latin alphabet.


Like this page is not written, the titles in each part are important. Like "Show Violin" or "Waslat" Each title can have sub-headings. The sources are written in a uniform style. Contents appear when

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