Yehia Shaheen


January 20, 2022

Yehia Shaheen (September 28, 1917 - March 18, 1994) was an Egyptian actor who worked in Egyptian cinema from the forties to the nineties. He also has several television works.

His life

I was born in Miyet Oqba, Giza Governorate, one day, and received his primary education at Abdeen School. He participated in the school's acting troupe, and his talent appeared, and he headed the school's acting team. He received a diploma in applied arts in the textile department from the Abbasiya Industrial School. After that, he obtained a Bachelor's degree in Textile Engineering. He was appointed to the Misr Spinning and Weaving Company in Mahalla al-Kubra. He joined the Association for Amateur Acting and met with its teacher, Beshara Wakim and Edmond Toima, who was the director of the theater at the Royal Opera House. He was impressed by Yahya Shaheen's talent and suggested that he apply to the National Acting Troupe, which calls for new faces from young people. However, the chances of acting on the stage did not materialize for a whole season, which worried Yahya Shaheen until he heard that actress Fatima Rushdy had started to form a new group and that she needed (Jean Premé) so he performed and was very impressed by his acting, so she chose him for the role of the first boy in her band, the successor to her first girl, Ahmed Allam.

From his works

Majnoun Laila Romeo and Juliet and concluded his theatrical life with the play Wuthering Heights to devote himself to his cinematic life after the cinema called him to open its chest for him to achieve double his theatrical glories. His first appearance in the movie (If I Were Rich) was a marginal role, and soon his star rose and attention was drawn to him, and he played the starring role in front of the East Planet Umm Kulthum in the movie Salama.


The first award of cinema support awards for his role in the movie “Have mercy on my tears” and the second for the movie “They made me a criminal” Certificate of appreciation for the film Women in My Life from the Venice International Conference The Golden Appreciation Award from the Egyptian Film Writers and Critics Association He won the Medal of Science and Arts of the first degree as an applied engineer in 1980 He received a certificate of appreciation from the Cairo International Festival in 1987 The Cairo Film Festival Award and the Cinema Rooms Award 1989 The Order of the Republic, from the third class, from the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser. He received the Suez Shield and the Aswan Shield Certificate of Appreciation and Excellence for Pioneers of Cinematography in 1993 from Al-Ahram Evening Newspaper.

His death

The artist, Yehia Shaheen, died on Friday, March 18, 1994, at the age of 75, and was buried in the 6th of October City cemeteries.





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