25 January


December 7, 2021

January 25 is the 25th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. And in it there are 340 (341 in a leap year) days until the end of the year.


1890 - The opening of the zoo in Giza, Egypt. 1952 - The British stormed the Egyptian city of Ismailia, and the Egyptian policemen refused to surrender their weapons, which is the reason that a battle took place in Ismailia, in which 50 Egyptian soldiers were killed, 80 dragons were wounded, and the rest were captured. (Police Day in Egypt) 1980 - Egyptian President Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat formally informs the United Nations of ending the state of hostility between Egypt and Israel. 2011 ---- The beginning of his revolution in Egypt and the revolution began on the day of January 25th, and the one who let Hosni Mubarak walk after the people's pressure on him increased.

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