January 23, 2022

An arbitrator is the person who performs the act of arbitrating, that is, who decides the outcome of a dispute. From a legal point of view, an arbitrator may or may not be a lawyer depending on the cases in which the law refers to the type of arbitration. In any sport, the referee is the judge in charge of enforcing the rules of the game.

Basketball Referee

In basketball there is a minimum of one referee and a maximum of three in each match, depending on the competition in question, from those held in the training categories to professional competitions such as those of the EBA leagues. , ACB, Euroleague and NBA. The referee is the highest authority on the court and has the power to sanction any player or coach, both with immediate effect - in the same match - and with the effects of competition in general. However, the basketball referee is never alone, as he is part of the refereeing team, consisting of: the scoreboard, where there is: a scorer, in charge of controlling the points and fouls of each team; the timekeeper, in charge of controlling in the electronic marker the time of game, the points and the faults; the 24-second operator, who is in charge of controlling possession; the assistant of the scorer, whose function is to coordinate the different members of the table and help the scorer to avoid possible errors. All these components use the regulatory arbitral language to communicate with each other. This refereeing language is the same all over the world, as long as the official FIBA ​​regulations apply, which regulate the rules of this sport on an international scale.

Soccer referee

A football referee - also called a referee, for his name in English - is the principal director in charge of applying the rules of football in a match, recording everything that happened while playing and timing the duration of the match. He also has the opportunity to apply the rules of the competition before and after the match. Football is one of the most controversial sports in the world, which is why it has timidly begun to use technology in its refereeing work. For example, the smart ball carries sensors that detect whether the ball has passed the goal line. Other technologies are currently being researched, and microphones with a headset are also used so that the various referees - the assistants, the general referee, the fourth referee - can communicate with each other. Because it is placed in the ear, this headset is called an earphone or, improperly, pinganillo, for its name in Spanish. Wiktionary

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