October 12th


October 20, 2021

October 12 is the two hundred and eighty-fifth day of the year in the Gregorian calendar and the two hundred and eighty-sixth in leap years. There are 80 days remaining until the end of the year.


Catalan countries 1707 - Bourbon troops enter Lleida for the first time during the War of the Spanish Succession. 700 people from Lleida are murdered. 2003 - Sepang (Malaysia): Dani Pedrosa is proclaimed world champion in motorcycling of 125 cubic centimeters. Spain 1492 - San Salvador, at the moment Watling (the Bahamas): Columbus arrives at this island: the Spaniards discover America. Rest of the world 1505 - Blois (Kingdom of France): The Treaty of Blois of 1505 is signed by which the marriage between Ferran the Catholic and Sister of Foix remembers. 1758 - Fort Ligonier (Pennsylvania, USA): The French won the Battle of Fort Ligonier during the Franco-Indian War. 1968 - Equatorial Guinea (Africa): Franco's dictatorship organizes a referendum for independence. Guinea's independence was proclaimed. 1994 - United States: Founded by DreamWorks, a film production and distribution company. 2002 - Bali (Indonesia): An attack attributed to al-Qaeda kills 202 people (88 of whom were Australians). 2006 - Video game company Capcom announces it will disband Clover Studio.


Catalan countries 1812 - Sabadell: Fèlix Vilarrúbias i Busquets, lawyer and mayor of Sabadell (d. 1884). 1985 - Ontinyent, La Vall d'Albaida: Rafael Martínez i Valls, Valencian composer dedicated mainly to zarzuela (d. 1946). 1897 - Barcelona: Joan Lluhí i Vallescà, lawyer and Catalan politician (d. 1944). 1901 - Palma: Cristina Valls Aguiló, Majorcan actress (m. 1982). 1904 - Sant Vicenç de Castellet: Maria Gispert i Coll, Catalan writer and politician (d. 1976). 1908 - Ponts, Noguera: Josep Comabella i Rabassa, Catalan journalist and politician (d. 1981). 1921 - Barcelonaː Pin Crespo, actriu catalana, exiliada a Mèxic després de la Guerra Civil espanyola (m. 1978). 1935 - Sant Guim de Freixenet, Segarra: Salvador Gabarró i Serra, a Catalan industrial engineer and businessman. 1969 - Barcelona, ​​Barcelonès: Judit Mascó i Palau, model and television presenter. 1970 - La Garriga, Vallès Oriental: Toni Jiménez, football goalkeeper. Rest of the world 1760 - Edo (Japan): Katsushika Hokusai, Japanese cartoonist, engraver and painter of the ukiyo-e style (d. 1849). 1827 - Boston, Massachusetts, USA: Josiah Parsons Cooke, American scientist (d. 1894). 1865 - Manchester, England: Arthur Harden, biochemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1929 (d. 1940). 1866 - Lossiemouth, Scotland: James Ramsay MacDonald, Scottish politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1924 and 1929-1935) (d. 1937). 1872 - Down Ampney, Gloucestershire, England: Ralph Vaughan Williams, English composer (d. 1958). 1883 - La Laguna, Tenerifeː Mercedes Pinto, Canarian writer and journalist (d. 1976). 1890 - Lyon Marise Beaujon, French soprano (d. 1968). 1891 - Wroclaw, then Prussia, now Poland: Edith Stein, German philosopher, nun of the Order of the Barefoot Carmelites, saint and co-patron of Europe (d. 1942). 1896 - Genoa, Italy: Eugene Montale, Italian poet and essayist, Nobel Prize in Literature in 1975 (d. 1981). 1900 - Spartanburg, South Carolina: Pink Anderson, singer and guitarist of American blues (m. 1974). 1904 - Linli, Hunan (China): Ding Ling, pen name of the Chinese writer Zhiang Bingjih (m. 1986). 1912 - Chicago, USA: Don Siegel, director and producer of American cinema (m. 1991). 1913 - Hermanowa, Galicia, Austro-Hungarian Empire: Leo Fleider, film director and screenwriter important figure in Argentine cinema (d. 1977). 1916 - Charleston, South Carolinaː Alice Childress, novelist, playwright and black American actress (d. 1994). 1931 - Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium: Paul Depaepe, Belgian cyclist. Mandal, Norway: Ole-Johan Dahl, inf

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