January 13


January 23, 2022

January 13 is the thirteenth day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 352 days remaining until the end of the year and 353 in leap years.


Catalan countries1964 - First broadcast of the program in Catalan Radioscope, from Salvador Escamilla, from the study Toreski de Ràdio Barcelona.Resta del Món1750 - Madrid: Spain and Portugal sign the Hispanic Treaty of Madrid from 1750 in which the limits were defined of their respective colonies in South America. In this treaty the borders of Portugal were extended. 1776 - George Washington, at the head of his troops, enters New York triumphantly. 1898 - Emile Zola publishes the article I Accuse ...! and denounces the Dreyfus affair. 1906 - A fire destroys almost the entire city of Panama. 1915 - An earthquake in Avezzano, Italy kills 29,800 people. 1935 - Plebiscite in the Saarland region shows 90.3% approval to join the Third Reich. 1966 - The archipelago Juan Fernandez (Chile): it adopts his present name; until then it had been called Robinson Crusoe Archipelago. 2012 - The Costa Concordia cruiser sinks in front of Giglio due to the negligence of its captain. 32 people die there.


Catalan countries 1905 - Vilafranca del Penedès: Anna Maria de Saavedra i de Macià, Catalan writer and teacher (d. 2001). 1911 - Sabadell: Llorenç Llobet-Gràcia, director of Catalan cinema. 1921 - Guayaquilː Montserrat Maspons i Bigas, Catalan cultural promoter (d. 2016). 1941 - Barcelona: Pasqual Maragall, Catalan politician, 127th president of the Generalitat de Catalunya. 1947 - Barcelona: Carles Reixach i Cerdà, Catalan footballer and coach. 1962 - Girona: Pia Bosch i Codolà, Catalan psychologist and politician, has held various political positions. 1966 - Palma: Maria de la Pau Janer, Mallorcan writer. 1979 - Barcelona: Josep Pedrals i Urdániz, poet and rhapsodist from Barcelona. Rest of the world 915: Al-Hakam II, Caliph of Córdoba. 1596 - Leiden (Netherlands): Jan van Goyen, Dutch landscape painter (d. 1656). 1616 - Lille, Walloon Flanders: Antoinette Bourignon de la Porte, Franco-Flemish mystic and visionary. 1672 - Tarquinia: Lucia Filippini, Italian nun, founder of the congregation Mestres Pies Filippini for the teaching of girls. 1752 - Rome: Eleonora Fonseca Pimentel, poetess, activist, journalist and revolutionary in the Parthenopean Republic (d. 1799). 1816 - Lenthe, Prussia: Werner von Siemens, German inventor (d. 1892) 1848 - Merseburg: Richard Eilenberg, German composer. 1862 - Rotterdam, the Netherlands: Elisabeth Caland, Dutch pianist and educator. 1864 - Fischhausen, Prussia: Wilhelm Wien, German physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics 1911 (d. 1928). 1919 - Los Angeles: Robert Stack, American actor. 1921 - Guayaquil: Montserrat Maspons i Bigas, Catalan cultural promoter (d. 2016). 1927 - Germiston, South Africa: Sydney Brenner, South African biologist, Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology in 2002. 1961 - Hastings, England: Graham McPherson, known as Suggs, singer-songwriter, musician, radio presenter and English actor, member of Madness. 1977 - Canterbury: Orlando Bloom, English actor. 1990 - Melbourne, Liam Hemsworth, Australian actor.


Catalan countries 1918 - Madrid: Fidel Fita i Colomer, Catalan Jesuit archaeologist, epigraphist, philologist and historian. 1939 - La Bisbal d'Empordàː Trinitat Aldrich i de Pagès, Catalan poet (b. 1863). 1942 - Barcelona (el Barcelonès): Amadeu Cuscó i Panadès, pianist, chapel master and composer (b. 1876). 1945 - Barberà del Vallès: Josep Maria Arnella i Gallego, Catalan journalist. 2000 - Valencia (l'Horta): Enric Valor i Vives, Valencian writer, considered the patriarch of Valencian letters (b. 1911). 2004 - Barcelona (el Barcelonès): Joan Reventós i Carner, Catalan politician, founder of the PSC who was president of the Parliament of Catalonia (b. 1927). 2011 - Valencia (l'Horta): Joaquín Colomer Sala, exrect

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