January 14


January 23, 2022

January 14 is the fourteenth day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 351 days remaining until the end of the year and 352 in leap years.


Països Catalans1714 - Arbúcies (la Selva): Catalan forces ambush and defeat a Bourbon column of 800 men in the so-called battle of Arbúcies which is part of the Revolt of the fortnights (War of the Catalans). 1714 - Balsareny (the Bages): the Catalans won the battle of Balsareny in the framework of the Catalan War. 1913 - Barcelona: The plenary of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans approves the Orthographic Norms of the Catalan language. 1999 - Barcelona: The visit of the then President of the Government of Spain Aznar to Catalonia leads to riots and a police charge at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. 2020 - La Canonja (Tarragona): An explosion originated in a reactor of the company IQOXE which later spread to an ethylene oxide tank. Two workers and a neighbor from Torreforta (Tarragona) died. Rest of the world1377 - Rome: Pope Gregory XI arrives at the Vatican (from Avignon) and thus ends the Schism of the West. 1968 - Miami: The Green Bay Packers win the II Super Bowl after defeating the Oakland Raiders by 33-14. 2011 - Tunis: Crowded demonstration in the capital shouting "Fora Ben Ali!" The government is ousted and martial law comes into force. Hours later, the president leaves Tunis.


Països Catalans1870 - L'Escala: Josep Vicens i Juli, «l'Avi Xaxu», sardana composer and musician. 1951 - Barcelona: Carme Elias, Catalan actress of theater, cinema and television. 1971 - Barcelona: Manel Fuentes, a journalist with a professional career, essentially, as a radio and television presenter. 1980 - Elche, Baix Vinalopó: Carolina Cerezuela, actress and Valencian model. 1981 - Eliana, Valencia: Concha Montaner, Valencian long jump athlete. 1982 - L'Hospitalet de Llobregat: Víctor Valdés i Arribas, footballer of Futbol Club Barcelona. 1985 - Oliva, Saforː Àngels Gregori i Parra, poet and Valencian cultural manager. 1994 - Premià de Mar: Gisela Pulido i Borrell, Catalan kite surfer, specialist in freestyle. 2022 - Barcelona: Ricard Bofill i Leví, Catalan architect and urban planner (b. 1939). Rest of the world83 BC - Rome: Marc Antoni, Roman soldier and politician (d. 30 BC). 1841 - Bourgesː Berthe Morisot, French Impressionist painter (d. 1895). 1875 - Kaysersberg, Germany: Albert Schweitzer, Alsatian theologian, pacifist, physician and musician, Nobel Peace Prize winner. 1896 - Chicago, Illinois: John Dos Passos, American novelist and journalist (d. 1970). 1914 - North Sydney, Canada: Harold Russell, actor and Canadian-American war veteran. 1933 - Kansas City, Missouri, United States: Stan Brakhage, American film director, cinematographer, editor, actor and producer. 1937 - Dunedin: Margaret Ann Chapman, limnologist, first woman to lead a scientific expedition to Antarctica. 1941 - Bascom, Florida, USA: Faye Dunaway, American actress. 1943 - Montreal, Canada: Ralph Marvin Steinman, Canadian immunologist and cell biologist, Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology 2011 (d. 2011). Shanghai, China: Shannon Lucid, NASA biochemist and American astronaut. 1976 - Allentown, Pennsylvania: Beth Shapiro, American evolutionary molecular biologist, researcher of ancient DNA.


Catalan countries 1628 - Valencia: Francesc Ribalta, Catalan painter influenced by tenebrismo (63 years). 1901 - Madrid: Víctor Balaguer i Cirera, liberal politician, romantic writer and Catalan historian (75 years). 1925 - Sabadell: Josep Gorina i Pujol, Catalan textile industrialist. 1980 - Sabadell: Joan Maurí i Espadaler, Catalan painter (66 years old). 1993 - Tarragonaː Pepita Ferrer i Lucas, chess player and monitor, the first International Women's Master in the state (b. 1938). 2004 - Oakl

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