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Catalan countries January 4 - Sant Martí Sarroca (Alt Penedès): Catalans revolt against the Bourbons in the Battle of Sant Martí Sarroca during the Catalan war. January 10 - Sant Quintí de Mediona (Alt Penedès): The Bourbons set fire to the village and massacred about 800 people during the events of Sant Quintí in the Catalan war in retaliation for the battle of Sant Martí Sarroca. January 14 - Arbúcies (La Selva): Catalan forces ambush and defeat a Bourbon column of 800 men in the so-called battle of Arbúcies which is part of the Revolt of the fortnights (War of the Catalans). January 14 - Balsareny (Bages): The Catalans won the battle of Balsareny in the context of the Catalan War. February 3, La Gleva (Les Masies de Voltregà, Osona: Battle of the Gleva in which 1200 villagers defended themselves from the attack of the Bourbons in the Catalan war. February 4, La Gleva (Les Masies de Voltregà): The Bourbons carry out the Gleva Massacre in which they slaughtered between 100 and 120 villagers. February 5 - Prats de Lluçanès (Osona): Philippian troops devastate the population. 1714 - Rastatt (Baden-Württemberg, Germany): Austria and France sign the Treaty of Rastatt which completes the Treaty of Utrecht at the end of the War of the Spanish Succession. In this treaty, Austria obtained Spanish possessions in Italy and the Spanish and French Netherlands had to withdraw from the right bank of the Rhine. This treaty, first drafted in French, marks the beginning of the use of this language as the lingua franca of diplomacy. March 11, Gironella (Berguedà): the Catalans occupy the castle of Gironella that was in the possession of the Bourbons during the Catalan War. May 7, Manresa: Colonel Antoni Desvalls i de Vergós commands the Battle of Manresa in which the Austrians defeat the Bourbons in the Catalan War. August 14 - Sant Llorenç Savall (Vallès Occidental): near this town, the miquelets of Antoni Desvalls cause about half a thousand casualties to the Philippians (War of the Spanish Succession). - Talamanca (Bages): the troops of the Marquis of Poal win the Battle of Talamanca during the Catalan War. September 4, Manresa (Bages): The Catalan forces of the Marquis of Poal stormed Manresa against the Bourbon garrison during the Catalan War. September 11 - After 14 months of siege, Barcelona falls to Bourbon troops (War of the Spanish Succession). This event marks the date of the National Day of Catalonia. September 18 - Manuel Desvalls and Vergós surrenders the town of Cardona (War of Succession), last Catalan bastion. November 16 - The Decrees of New Plant, liquidate the Board of Arms that had the command of the Generalitat, in the framework of the effects of the War of the Spanish Succession. Rest of the world September 7 - Baden (Aargau) (Switzerland): the Kingdom of France and the Holy Roman Empire signed the Treaty of Baden in the framework of the War of the Spanish Succession. In this Austria he received the Netherlands and the Italian territories from the Spanish crown, France retained Alsace and Charles VI of the Holy Roman Empire retained the title of King of Spain. October 3 - Madrid: The constitution of the Royal Spanish Academy is officially approved by a royal certificate of King Philip V of Spain.


Països CatalansRest of the worldFebruary 2 - Gottfried August Homilius, composer and organist. Disciple of Bach (d. 1785). March 8 - Weimar, Germany: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, German composer (d. 1788). May 6 - Gelsdorf, near Bonn: Anton Raaff, German tenor (d. 1797). July 2 - Erasbach, Upper Palatinate: Christoph Willibald Gluck, German classical composer. December 31: Arima Yoriyuki, Japanese mathematician (d. 1783).


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