October 20, 2021


Catalan Countries Restresta del Món 9 of March - Mobile (Alabama, USA): The Spaniards defeat the English at the Battle of Fort Charlotte during the War of Independence of the United States. May 19 - New England (USA): Due to the combination of smoke from a forest fire, fog and a cloudy day, New England is experiencing the dark day of New England. August 7, Atlantic Ocean: The English suffer their worst naval defeat during the capture of the English double convoy of 1780 when they are attacked by the Franco-Hispanic navy between the Azores and Cape São Vicente as part of the Anglo-Saxon War. Spanish. October 7, Blacksburg (South Carolina, USA): American victory at the Battle of Kings Mountain, as part of the American Revolutionary War. December 25 - Aranjuez (Community of Madrid): Spain signs with Morocco the Treaty of Aranjuez of 1780 in which, in exchange for the cession of territories in North Africa from the first to the second, Morocco recognizes the ownership of Melilla in Spain. Great hurricane of 1780, the deadliest Atlantic tropical cyclone of all time. Goya paints the crucified Christ Caio Mario, Le donne rivali, I finti nobili, L'avviso ai maritati and Il falegname, operas composed by Domenico Cimarosa, premiered at the Teatro Valle in Rome during the carnival. First edition of the Dictionary of the Spanish language.


Catalan countries August 10, Sabadell: Fèlix Amat de Palou i Pont, writer, French philosopher, lexicographer and Catalan Jansenist theologian of the Enlightenment, uncle of Fèlix Torres i Amat de Palou. Barcelona: Josep Robrenyo i Tort, Catalan writer and actor. Valencia: Josep Català i Codina, Uruguayan pedagogue of Valencian origin. Sant Feliu de Guíxols: Josep Preses i Marull, Catalan politician and writer. Valencia: Miquel Parra i Abril, Valencian painter. Barcelona: Joan Balle and Milans del Bosch, lawyer and politician Rest of the World January 13, Rennes: Pierre Jean Robiquet, French chemist. January 28, Macerata: Giovanni Battista Velluti, castrated. February 11, Karlsruhe: Karoline von Günderrode, German romantic writer. March 7: Alexandre Deschapelles, soldier and French chess player. April 22, Kirchheimbolanden: Enriqueta of Nassau-Weilburg, daughter of Prince Charles Christian, Duke of Nassau-Weilburg and Carolina of Orange-Nassau. April 29, Besancon, France: Charles Nodier, French writer (d. 1844). 20 of May, Buenos Aires: Bernardino Rivadavia, politician of the United Provinces of the River of the Silver and first President of Argentina (1826 - 1827). July 1: Karl von Clausewitz, Prussian soldier, military historian and military theorist, known for his work Vom Kriege. July 27, Jiquilpan, Michoacán: Anastasio Bustamante y Oseguera, president of Mexico on three occasions (1830 - 1832, 1837 - 1839 and 1839 - 1841). August 29, Montalban, Tarn and Garonne: Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, French painter of neoclassical aesthetics, famous for portraits (d. 1867). October 17, Paris, France: Claude-Henri de Rouvroy, Count of Saint-Simon, French thinker and sociologist (d. 1825). October 20, Ajaccio, Corsica: Paulina Bonaparte, French politician, sister of Napoleon (d. 1825). December 20: Lauritz Schebye Vedel Simonsen, Danish historian forerunner of modern archeology. Potsdam Augusta of Prussia, electress of Hessen-Kassel, Princess of Prussia who married Elector William II of Hessen-Kassel. Plovdiv: Eugene II of Constantinople, Patriarch of Constantinople (1821 - 1822). Strasbourg: Johann-Georg-Daniel Arnold, Alsatian playwright. Department of Paraguayan: Fulgencio Yegros Quyquyhó, first Consul of Paraguay and one of the architects of the independence of the country.


Catalan countries Valencia: Manuel Just, composer and Valencian chapel master. Antonia Gómez de Orga, Valencian printer. Rest of the world January 13, Berlin: Louise Amalia de Bru

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