August 19, 2022


May 20, Spain: Fermina Orduña, patents a special carriage to sell milk. She is the first woman to obtain a patent in Spain. Altmann describes a technique for staining mitochondria and assumes their metabolic and genetic autonomy. Zanzibar became a British protectorate.


Països Catalans3 d'Abril - Barcelona: Manuel Carrasco i Formiguera, Catalan lawyer and politician (d. 1938). April 7 - Sabadell: Joan Morral i Pelegrí, Sabadell City Councilor and federal republican militant. April 16 - Barcelona: Laura Albéniz Jordana, Catalan illustrator and painter of the Noucentisme (d. 1944). April 20 - Sabadell: Gertrudis Artigas i Setó, fabric theorist and professor at the Industrial School. April 22 - Carcaixent, Ribera Alta: Joan Vert, Valencian composer of zarzuelas (d. 1931). April 24 - Sabadell: Eulàlia Garriga i Casals, teacher committed to the training and promotion of working women. May 17 - Jersey City: Philip James, American organist, composer and conductor. May 31 - Sabadell: Francesc Casañas i Riera, industrial lamb and Catalan photographer. June 15 - Marçà, the Prioratː Rosa Roig i Soler, Catalan pedagogue and feminist, cornered by Francoism (d. 1969). June 21 - Barcelona: Lluís Mas i Gomis, textile theorist and Catalan historian. July 11 - Catarroja, Horta Sud: Josep Manuel Izquierdo Romeu, Valencian musician and composer (d. 1951). July 13 - Barcelona: Joan Amades i Gelats, Catalan ethnographer and folklorist. August 6 - Barcelona: Manuel Humbert i Esteve, Catalan painter and cartoonist (d. 1975). August 18 - Barcelona: Daniel Cardona i Civit, Catalan independence politician (d. 1943). October 26 - Onda: Anna Rebeca Mezquita Almer, Valencian poetess (d. 1970). November 10 - Sant Quirze del Vallès: Joan Vila i Puig, Catalan landscape painter. December 9 - Barcelona: Gaietana Lluró, Catalan zarzuela soprano or tiple, very popular in the 1920s (d. 1967). Vic: Miquel Vilatimó i Costa, philosopher (d. 1936). Rest of the world January 9 - Malé Svatonovice, Czech Republic: Karel Čapek, Czech writer, creator of the term "robot" (d. 1938). February 10 - Moscow, Russian Empire: Boris Pasternak, Russian writer, Nobel Prize for Literature 1958 (which he refused) (d. 1960). February 22 - Hinojosas de Calatrava, Ciudad Real: Leonor Serrano, teacher and lawyer, defender of women's rights (d. 1942). March 9 - Kukarka (Russian Empire): Vyacheslav Molotov, Soviet politician and diplomat (d. 1986). March 20 - Copenhagen, Denmark: Lauritz Melchior, American naturalized Danish tenor (d. 1973). March 28 - Denver, Colorado: Paul Whiteman, American jazz conductor (d. 1967). March 31 - Adelaide, Australia: William Lawrence Bragg, Australian physicist, 1915 Nobel Prize in Physics (d. 1971). April 2 - Florence: Alina Bucciantini, Italian soprano (d. 1932). April 7 - Buenos Aires, Argentina: Victoria Ocampo, Argentine writer and editor. April 12 - Tarba, France: Hortense Bégué, French sculptor and illustrator (d. 1957). May 10 - Würzburg, (Germany): Alfred Jodl, German military commander (d. 1946). 15 May – Indian Creek, Texasː Katherine Anne Porter, writer, journalist and political activist (d. 1980). May 19 - Nghệ An, French Indochina: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnamese political leader and revolutionary (d. 1969). May 31 - Strasbourgː Hilla von Rebay, abstract artist, co-founder and director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (d. 1967). June 21 - Bologna (Italy): Giorgio Morandi, Italian painter (d. 1964). July 23 - Zarza de Granadilla, province of Cáceres: Apolinar de Cáceres Gordo, magistrate. August 3 - Pamplona: Matilde Huici Navaz, Spanish teacher, lawyer and pedagogue, exiled in Chile (d. 1965). August 7 – Concord, USA – Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, journalist, writer, trade unionist, activist and northern communist