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Catalan countries January 1, the first issue of La Veu de Catalunya, a Catalan-language newspaper published in Barcelona until 1937, with two daily editions. March 14, Barcelona: Bartomeu Robert i Yarzábal, better known as Dr. Robert, is elected mayor of the city. May 25, Barcelona: Last issue of Quatre gats, an artistic and literary weekly created by Pere Romeu, Ramon Casas and Miquel Utrillo. June 3, Barcelonaː The first issue of the artistic magazine Pèl & Ploma is published, promoted by Ramon Casas and Miquel Utrillo. July 5, fifth modernist party in Sitges October 20, Barcelona: Bartomeu Robert i Yarzábal, as mayor of the city, leads a protest by shopkeepers against the law of the Cabinet of Silvela and its Minister of Finance, Raimundo Fernández Villaverde, which was called the Closure of Boxes. November 29, Barcelona: in the Solé gym, a group of athletes led by Joan Gamper found the Futbol Club Barcelona. December 3, Barcelona: a group of students founds the Catalan Institution of Natural History, later a subsidiary of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans. On December 17, Català FC was founded in Barcelona. Rest of the world January 1: Under the Treaty of Paris (1898) ends Spanish sovereignty in Cuba. January 1: Queens and Staten Island join New York. January 17: The United States takes possession of Wake Island. February 4: Fighting in Manila during the Philippine-American War. October 11, South Africa: The Boer War begins. December 16, Germany acquires the Caroline, Marianas and Palau islands after buying them in Spain. December 16, Milan: Alfred Edwards founds the Milan Cricket and Football Club, now AC Milan. The movie The Kiss in the Tunnel is being filmed Maó: Jaume Alzina i Caules, demographer and economist.


Catalan countries January 1, Sabadell, Vallès: Antoni Estruch i Serrabogunyà, Catalan footballer of the 1920s (d. 1950). February 5, Terrassa, Vallès: Joaquim Ventalló i Vergés, journalist, politician, translator, poet and Catalan publicist. February 19, Cervelló: Josep Tarradellas i Joan, 125th President of the Generalitat de Catalunya. March 21, Sabadell: Francesc Baygual i Bas, Catalan textile industrialist. March 23, Manlleu: Josep Viladomat i Massanas. April 15, Llançàː Justa Balló i Salvà, librarian who worked at the Xarxa de Biblioteques Populars (d. 1993). May 5, Sabadell: Francesc Trabal, journalist and writer (d. 1957). Barcelonaː Cèlia Suñol i Pla, Catalan writer (d. 1986). June 12, Berlin: Anni Albers, textile designer, weaver, German painter, teacher at the Bauhaus School (d. 1994). June 19, Barcelonaː Maria Carratalà and Van den Wouver, pianist and composer, pedagogue and Catalan music critic (d. 1984). September 16, Vinaròs (el Baix Maestrat: Leopold Querol i Roso, Valencian pianist. November 20 - Teià: Pau Civil i Costa, Catalan tenor (d. 1987). November 29, Sabadell: Joan Oliver i Sallarès, Pere Quart, writer in Catalan (d. 1986). December 2, Los Cayos, Haiti: Bella Dutton, tennis player based in Barcelona, ​​pioneer of Catalan women's tennis (d. 1982). December 3, Barcelona: Noel Clarasó i Serrat, Catalan writer. Barcelona: Josep Maria Lamaña i Coll, musicologist and industrial engineer from Barcelona. Rest of the world January 7: Paris, France: Francis Poulenc, French composer (d. 1963). January 17: Brooklyn New York: Al Capone, American gangster. January 25: Paul-Henri Spaak, Belgian politician. January 30: Max Theiler, South African virologist, Nobel Prize winner. February 10: Cevdet Sunay, President of Turkey. March 13: John Hasbrouck van Vleck, American physicist, 1977 Nobel Prize in Physics (d. 1980) February 15, Lodeva, Erau (France): Georges Auric, French composer (d. 1983). March 23, Blato, Slovenia: Louis Adamic, writer and

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