July 18


August 19, 2022

July 18 is the one hundred and ninety-ninth day of the year in the Gregorian calendar and the two hundredth in leap years. There are 166 days left until the end of the year.


Països Catalans1521 - Almenara (La Plana Baixa): royalist forces defeat the twinned forces there (battle of Almenara). 1937 - Barcelona: Llevant FC wins its only trophy, the Cup of Free Spain, against Valencia FC. 1958 - Lleida: the Parc de les Basses d'Alpicat is inaugurated, which will become one of the main recreation areas for Lleida residents. 1975 - Torredembarra: the Nois de la Torre are officially presented, in a castella performance, still in white shirts, at the Unió Deportiva Torredembarra football field. At that time, they are the thirteenth existing gang in the casteller world. 1998 - El Bages: two large forest fires start in the municipalities of Aguilar de Segarra and Cardona. The fire was extinguished on July 21 after burning nearly 24,000 hectares, 67% of which were wooded. 2004 - Perpignan (El Rosselló): Joan Laporta and representatives of La Bressola sign a collaboration agreement with Barça. 2007 - Barcelona: issue 1573 of the magazine El Jueves is put up for sale, which would be seized by the National Court for Injuries to the Royal House. Rest of the world 1670 - Madrid (Spain): the Treaty of Madrid is signed between Spain and the Kingdom of England. 1870 - Vatican City (Rome): faced with the presence of Piedmontese troops at the gates of Rome, Pius IX closes the First Vatican Council, the same day he promulgates the dogma of papal infallibility. 1873 - Spain: Nicolás Salmerón y Alonso becomes the president of the First Spanish Republic, after the resignation of Francesc Pi y Margall. 1936 - Morocco: Spanish army forces stationed in the part of Morocco that was then a Spanish protectorate rise up against the Republic. The following day the uprising spreads to Spain and is the beginning of what will end up being the Spanish Civil War. 1995 - Island of Montserrat: the Soufrière Hills volcano erupts. A large part of the island, including the capital (Plymouth), is devastated and two-thirds of the population has to leave it. 2004 - Bolivia: the referendum promised by Carlos Mesa Gisbert, upon assuming the presidency of the country on October 17, 2003, is held there, with overwhelming support for his proposal to return property to the state of natural gas, maintaining, however, concessions to foreign multinationals.


Catalan countries 1600 - Cocentaina: Jeroni Jacint Espinosa, painter (d. 1667). 1659 - Perpignan: Jacint Rigau-Ros i Serra, painter (d. 1743). 1858 - Cadaqués: Frederic Rahola i Trèmols, Catalan economist and politician. 1873 - Tuïr: Gustau Violet, North Catalan sculptor and writer (d. 1952). 1888 - Molins de Rei (Baix Llobregat): Margarida Xirgu i Subirà, Uruguayan-Catalan actress. 1910 - Lledó: Maria dels Àngels Vayreda i Trullol, Catalan writer (d. 1977). 1948 - Barcelona: Salvador Alsius i Clavera, television presenter and Catalan journalist. 1971 - Barcelona: Ana María Martínez-Pina, Spanish jurist who has been vice-president of the CNMV. 1976 - Barcelonaː Irene Montalà, Catalan actress. 1990 - Barcelona, ​​Barcelonès: Georgina Oliva Isern, Catalan field hockey player. Rest of the world 1635 - Freshwater, Isle of Wight (England): Robert Hooke, English scientist (d. 1703). 1656 - Le Mans (France): Joachim Bouvet, French Jesuit, missionary in China. (d. 1732).1670 - Modena, Duchy of Modena: Giovanni Bononcini, composer and cellist (d. 1747). 1821 - Parisː Pauline Viardot, French mezzo-soprano (d. 1910). 1825 - Vienna: Nina Stollewerk, Austrian composer. 1853 - Arnhem, Netherlands: Hendrik Antoon Lorentz, physicist and mathematician awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1902. 1864 - Braunschweig (Germany): Ricard