January 23, 2022


Catalan countries March 3, Barrio de Gràcia (Barcelona): The Cercle Catòlic de Gràcia is founded, a social and cultural association in the Barrio de Gràcia (Barcelona). First Catalan University Congress. Foundation of the Autonomous Center for Trade and Industry Dependents. CE Sabadell Foundation. Rest of the world March 23, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, USA: The Wright Brothers apply for the patent for the first plane to fly. April 26, Madrid: Atletico Madrid is founded. December 17, Kitty Hawk Beach, North Carolina, USA: Brothers Orwille and Wilbur Wright manage to fly 59 seconds according to the Flyer (piloting Orwille), the first aircraft in history, powered by a catapult. The film Mary Jane's Mishap is released. Simberg paints The Wounded Angel

Nobel Prize


Catalan countries May 19, Barcelonaː Josefina Tàpias, Catalan actress of theater and cinema, with a long career (d. 1988). July 4, Bétera, Camp de Turia: Alfons Roig Izquierdo, priest, writer and Valencian art critic (d. 1987). July 13, Valencia: Ramon Stolz Viciano, Valencian muralist (d. 1958). September 20, Armentera, Empordà: Alexandre Deulofeu, politician and philosopher of Catalan history. October 2, Cambrilsː María Mullerat i Bassedas, pioneering teacher in the education of children with disabilities (d. 1996). October 10, Ciutadella, Menorca: Francesc de Borja Moll i Casasnovas, linguist, philologist and Menorcan publisher. October 15, Sabadell: Joan Miralles i Orrit, locksmith and mayor of Sabadell in 1936. November 9, Vinaròs, Baix Maestrat: Francesc Almela i Vives, Valencian writer and historian (d. 1967). November 30, Sarroca de Bellera, Pallars Jussà: Ramon Violant i Simorra, Catalan ethnographer. Rest of the world January 10, Wakefield, Yorkshire: Barbara Hepworth, British sculptor (b. 1975). January 11, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa: Alan Paton, pedagogue, politician and writer, as well as anti-apartheid activist (d. 1988). January 27, Northcote, Victoria, Australia: John Carew Eccles, Australian Neurophysiologist, Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology, 1963 (d. 1997). 6 of February, Chillán, Chile: Claudius Arrau, Chilean pianist of Catalan ancestry (m. 1991). February 8, Sagua la Grande, Villa Clara, Cuba: Antonio Abad Lugo Machín, known as Antonio Machín, Cuban singer (according to other sources on January 17 or 19, 1904, d. 1977). February 11, Kiev, Ukraine: Irene Nemirovsky, Ukrainian Jewish writer in French (d. 1942). February 13, Liege, Wallonia, Belgium: Georges Simenon, writer in French and Belgian (d. 1942). February 17, Persia: Sadik Hidayat, Iranian writer. February 21: Neuilly-sur-Seine, France: Anaïs Nin, French-American writer of Cuban-Catalan and Danish descent (d. 1977). Le Havre (France): Raymond Queneau, French poet (d. 1976) February 26, Imperia, Liguria, Italy: Giulio Natta, chemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1963 (d. 1979). 4 of March, Santoña, Cantabria, Spain: Luis White Carrero, admiral and president of the government of Spain (m. 1973). April 12, The Hague, The Netherlands: Jan Tinbergen, Dutch economist, Nobel Prize in Economics 1969 (d. 1994). April 24, Madrid, Spain: José Antonio Primo de Rivera, Spanish politician (d. 1936). April 25, Tambov, Russian Empire: Andrei Kolmogorov, Russian mathematician (d. 1987). May 3: Tacoma, Washington, USA: Harry Lillis Crosby, known as Bing Crosby, American singer and actor (d. 1977). Providence (Rhode Island), USA, January 27, 1947, Beirut, Lebanon: Ilyas Abu-Shabaka, Lebanese poet, publisher, translator and literary critic, considered one of the leading figures of the Nahda. May 15, Dresdenː Maria Reiche, German mathematician and archaeologist, researcher of the Nazca Lines in Peru (d. 1998). June 2, Paris: Max Aub, Valencian writer

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