January 23, 2022


Catalan countries February 2 - Barcelona: The Quera Bookstore opens in Carrer de Petritxol; the oldest in the city, remains in the original situation. March 5 - Palma (Mallorca): Alfonso XIII is founded, which will later become the RCD Mallorca. June 10, Creation of the Aeroclub de Catalunya. June - Sabadell (Vallès Occidental): the Sabadell Swimming Club is founded. October 22 - Banyoles - The Darder Museum opens. Catalonia - The Tour of Catalonia is celebrated, the precedent of the current Rally of Catalonia. Rest of the world January 1 - Santiago de Querétaro (Querétaro, Mexico): Venustiano Carranza arrives with his people and proclaims the capital city of the republic (Mexican Revolution). January 1 - First successful blood transfusion. February 21 - December 19 - Verdun (France): Battle of Verdun, World War I battle fought between German and French forces, ending on December 19 of the same year with French victory. April 24 - Dublin (Ireland): The Easter Rising begins, a revolt of the Irish Republicans against British rule. July 1 - The United States has passed a Dry Law banning the sale of alcohol. July 1 - Battle of the Somme begins in France August 27 - Bucharest (Kingdom of Romania): The 1916 Bucharest Treaty is signed between Romania and the Triple Entente. Publication of Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

Nobel Prize

This year only the Swedish writer Verner von Heidenstam was awarded the Literature Prize.


Catalan countries January 23 - Barcelonaː Maria Lluïsa Algarra, lawyer –first Spanish judge– and playwright, exiled to Mexico (m.1957). February 5 - Llucmajor (Mallorca): Miquel Llompart Roig, Mallorcan track cyclist. March 9 - Barcelona: Carles Fontserè, Catalan cartoonist and poster artist (d. 2007). April 3 - Barcelona: Joaquima Andreu Espinosa, Catalan athlete. April 4 - Barcelona: Pere Farreras i Valentí, Catalan doctor (d. 1968). April 9: Barcelona: Juan-Eduardo Cirlot Laporta, poet, art critic, hermeneutic, mythologist and Catalan musician (d. 1973). Badalona: Joan Forns i Jordana, better known by the stage name of Li-Chang, Catalan illusionist (d. 1998). May 4 - Barcelona: Ricard Palmerola, radio presenter and Catalan dubbing actor. (d. 2010). May 10 - Barcelona: Sofia Puche de Mendlewicz, pianist and Catalan music pedagogue (d. 2015). Sabadell: Joan Alsina i Giralt, Sabadell historian (d. 2005). May 13 - Madrid: Albert Martorell, Catalan football goalkeeper (d. 2011). June 22 - Barcelona: Joan Baptista Cendrós i Carbonell, businessman, patron and Catalan cultural promoter (d. 1986). August 28 - Barcelona: Carlos Conti Alcántara, Catalan cartoonist (d. 1975). September 9 - Barcelonaː Montserrat Martí i Bas, Catalan librarian and writer (d. 2005). September 22 - Sant Andreu de Palomar, Barcelona: Elisa García Sáez, trade unionist, nurse and militiawoman during the Civil War. October 15, Vilanova i la Geltrú: Lluís Albalate i Guillamon, writer October 26 - Valencia: Josep Manuel Casas i Torres, Valencian geographer (d. 2010). October 29, Barcelonaː Núria Folch i Pi, Catalan publisher (d. 2010). December 1 - Roda de Ter, Osona: Francesc Ribas i Sanglas, Catalan footballer (d. 2009). Rest of the world January 2 - Quesada, Jaén: Josefina Manresa, seamstress and curator of the work of her husband, Miguel Hernández (d. 1987). January 10 - Stockholm, Sweden: Sune Bergström, Swedish chemist and biochemist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology in 1982 (d. 2004). January 11 - Budapest: Eszter Voit, Hungarian artistic gymnast, Olympic medalist, competing during the 1930s (d. 1990). January 15 - Cairo, Egypt: Denise Soriano-Boucherit, French violinist (d. 2006). February 14 - Madrid: Maruchi Fresno, Spanish actress. February 28 - London, England: Henry James,

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