October 20, 2021


Catalan countries January, Andorra: The first issue of Les Valls d'Andorra appears, a generalist periodical publication, considered to be the first strictly Andorran series publication. January 2, Artés: Avalot dels Burots. March 17, Barcelona, ​​the first issue of the illustrated comic book magazine TBO goes on sale. May 12, Barcelona: The theatrical version of Senyor Esteve's L'auca, performed by Santiago Rusiñol himself, opens at the Teatre Victòria. August 13, Barcelona: Declaration of general strike, called by the CNT and the UGT. In Barcelona and Sabadell there were deaths and injuries. October 14, Barcelona: The monument to the painter Pepita Texidor is inaugurated in the Parc de la Ciutadella, the first monument that the city dedicated to a woman for her profession. December 10, Barcelona: first issue of the magazine "Economia i Finances" directed by Miquel Vidal i Guardiola. Josep Puig i Cadafalch becomes president of the Mancomunitat de Catalunya. Rest of the world February 5, Mexico: The Constitution of 1917 is proclaimed. February 13, Paris, France: The French intelligence service stops Mata-Hari in a city hotel. March 5, United States: Woodrow Wilson's second inauguration as President of the United States. April 6: The United States formally declares war on the German Empire by intervening in World War I. March 23, Russian Empire: Alexander Kerensky's reformist government abolishes the death penalty; will be restored by the USSR after the outbreak of the Russian Civil War. July 31, Passendale: Beginning of the Battle of Passendale or Third Battle of Ieper, was a battle of World War I, which pitted the British and their Allies against the German Empire. October 25, Ireland: Eamon de Valera is elected president of Sinn Féin. November 2, London: Minister Balfour publishes the statement proclaiming British support for Jewish settlements in the British Mandate of Palestine (Zionism). November 7, Russian Empire: The Russian Revolution begins. November 9, Kobarid, Slovenia: End of the Battle of Caporetto or the 12th Battle of the Isonzo, also known as the Battle of Karfreit by the Central Empires, during World War I. December 6, Finland declares its independence from the Russian Empire

Nobel Prize


Catalan countries February 1st Barcelona: José Luis Sampedro, Spanish writer, humanist and economist (d. 2013). Vallibona, Castellón de la Plana: Teresa Pla Meseguer, la Pastora, maqui valenciana (d. 2004). February 2 - Saix, Alt Vinalopó: Alberto Sols García, great Valencian biochemist specializing in molecular biology (d. 1989). Cornellana, nucleus of the municipality of La Vansa i Fórnols, Alt Urgellː Càndida Majoral i Majoral, turpentine (m. 2018). February 5 - Sabadell: Joan Argemí i Fontanet, pediatrician from Sabadell. February 14 - Burriana, Plana Baixa: Assumpta González i Cubertorer, Valencian playwright (d. 2003). March 16 - Òdena, Anoia: Josep Romeu i Figueras, Catalan poet and literary critic (d. 2004). March 17 - Barcelonaː Núria Llimona i Raymat, Catalan painter (d. 2011). March 25 - Igualada: Maria del Rio i Montfort, music teacher, choir director and composer from Igualada (d. 2006). April 2 - L'Espluga de Francolí: Ramon Muntanyola i Llorach, Catalan priest and poet (d. 1973). April 21 - Barcelona: Josep Palau i Fabre, versatile author and art critic, one of the leading specialists in the work of Picasso (d. 2008). May 15 - Barcelonaː Elvira Elias i Cornet, illustrator and writer of children's books and songbooks (d. 2016). May 21 - El Vilar de Cabó (Alt Urgell): Cebrià Baraut i Obiols, (d. 2003) historian and Benedictine monk. June 30 - Brooklyn, New York: Lena Horne, jazz singer, folk song and music film actress (d. 2010). July 10 - Barcelona: Joan Capri, act

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