August 19, 2022

1919 (MCMXIX) is a normal year of the Gregorian and Julian calendars, starting on a Wednesday.


Catalan countries Barcelona: the Four Columns designed by Puig and Cadafalch are erected in Montjuïc. January 1, Lleida: The Sports Field is inaugurated. February 5, Barcelona: The Canadenca strike begins, which will last nearly three months and will lead to the resignation of the civil governor and the fall of the Comte de Romanones Government. March 18, Valencia: The Valencia Football Club is founded under the baton of its first president, Octavio Augusto Milego. Rest of the world March 23, Milan, Kingdom of Italy: Benito Mussolini founds the Fasci Italiani di Combattimento, a fascist paramilitary group. April 11, Versailles, France: The International Labor Organization is founded, as part of the negotiations of the Treaty of Versailles, at the end of the First World War. May 4, Beijing (China): May Fourth Movement (Traditional Chinese: 五四運動, Simplified Chinese: 五四運動, Pinyin: Wǔ Sì Yùndòng) was a Chinese social movement, which emerged as a result of student protests in Beijing's Tian'anmen Square. July 28: World War I officially ends with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. August 10, Poland: Republic of Świętno is occupied by the Germans. September 11, Honduras: The United States Marine Corps invades the country. The serious flu epidemic of 1918 continues, with less intensity. KitchenAid, an American brand of household appliances owned by Whirlpool Corporation, is founded. In Berlin, Germany, Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld co-founded the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft (Institute for Sex Research), a private consulting and counseling institute. His library of thousands of books was destroyed by the Nazis in May 1933. Different from the rest, one of the first explicitly gay films is produced. Magnus Hirschfeld has a cameo in the film and partially financed its production.

Nobel Prizes


Catalan countries January 12 - Arenys de Mar, Maresme: Fèlix Cucurull i Tey, Catalan writer and politician (d. 1996). January 19 - Barcelona: Joan Brossa, Catalan poet. January 28, Sant Jordi Desvalls: Francesc Pararols and Mercader, military. March 12 - Valencia, l'Horta: Vicent Badia i Marín, Valencian lawyer, columnist, chronicler and writer (d. 1995). May 7 - Barcelona: Maur Maria Boix i Selva, Monk of Montserrat, director of the magazine Serra d'Or and responsible for the Publications of the Abbey of Montserrat (d. 2000). May 16 - Barcelona: Ramon Margalef i López, first, researcher at the Instituto de Investigaciones Pesqueras and then Professor of Ecology at the University of Barcelona (d. 2004). May 27 Sabadell: Ramon Bassols i Genís, doctor and founder of Amics de Núria. Ripolletː Emma Maleras, Spanish dancer and choreographer, concert performer and teacher of castanets (d. 2017). Barcelona: José de Udaeta, ballarí i coreògraf català de dansa espanyola, especialitzat en castanyoles (m. 2009). May 29, Barcelonaː Simone Ortega, author of several cookbooks including the popular 1080 recetas de cocina (d. 2008). July 1, Palmaː Remígia Caubet, Mallorcan figurative sculptor (d. 1997). July 10, Sabadell: Maty Mont, Catalan variety artist. September 21 - Sabadell (Vallès Occidental): Teresa Rebull, singer-songwriter and Catalan political activist (d. 2015). October 8 - Balaguer (la Noguera): Teresa Pàmies i Bertran, Catalan writer (d. 2012). November 6 - Barcelona: Jaume Elias i Casas, Catalan footballer (1977). Barcelona: Ramon Bou Espinosa, promoter of the associative movement. Rest of the world January 1 - New York, United States: Jerome David Salinger, American writer, author, among others, of The Catcher in the Rye (d. 2010). January 5: Paris (France