July 6, 2022

1949 (MCMXLIX) was a year started on Saturday.


Catalan countries February 17: Four members of the Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia (PSUC) shot in Barcelona. Rest of the world January 1: The United Nations imposes a truce that ends the Indo-Pakistani war of 1947. As a result of this war occurs the isolation and division of Kashmir. January 4: The Council of Mutual Economic Assistance (COMECON) is created January 21: Chinese communist troops occupy the city of Beijing. February 5: Iran dissolves the Tudeh Communist Party. February 10 - Unionist Conservatives gain parliamentary majority in Ireland. February 10 - Elia Kazan's play The Death of a Traveler, based on Arthur Miller's play, opens in the United States. February 16 - UN talks on Berlin between US and USSR delegates begin. April 1 - Eire leaves the British Commonwealth and becomes the Republic of Ireland. April 4: the Atlantic Pact is signed in Washington. Creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO, in English NATO. April 23 - Chinese Communist troops occupy the city of Nanjing. May 5 - Treaty of London signing the Statute of the Council of Europe. May 9 - Rainier III becomes Prince of Monaco after the death of his grandfather, Louis II. July 19 - Laos becomes independent from France. August 8 - Bhutan becomes independent from India. September 17 - The animated short "Fast and Furry-eggs" premieres featuring the Coyote and the Road Runner from Warner Bros. Studios. September 27 - The Netherlands formally recognizes Indonesia's independence. October 1 - Mao Zedong establishes the People's Republic of China, becoming a communist state. October 7 - Germany is divided into two states. October 12 - Signing of the Geneva Conventions. October 25 - London, England: The De Havilland Comet, the first jet aircraft intended for passenger transport, makes a test flight London -Tripoli (Libya) -London in 6 hours and 36 minutes, twice as fast as conventional aircraft. October 31 - Chiang Kai-shek retreats from Taiwan. November 8 - Costa Rica enters into force its current Constitution. November 21 - New York: The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution stating that Libya would become independent from January 1, 1952.

Nobel Prize


Catalan countries January 1, Algemesí, Ribera Alta: Enric Lluch i Girbés, Valencian writer. January 30, Istanbul: Lydia Azzopardi, dancer, choreographer, British nationalized costume designer, based in Catalonia. March 18: Valencia: Margarita Pin Arboledas, Valencian politician, has been a member of the Congress of Deputies. Carlet, Ribera Alta: Eduard J. Verger, Valencian poet and translator. March 24: Portocolom: Gabriel Mestre Oliver, plastic artist and Mallorcan writer. Barcelona: Joaquim Maria Puyal, PhD in linguistics and radio commentator. April 6, Barcelona: Núria de Gispert i Català, President of the Parliament of Catalonia (2010 -15). April 25, Cardedeu, Vallès Oriental: Agustí Asensio i Saurí, illustrator and illustrator of children's books. May 9, Barcelona: Andreu Martín i Farrero, Catalan writer and screenwriter. June 7, Vilassar de Dalt, Maresme: Toti Soler, guitarist and singer. June 8, Catarroja: Toni Artis, Valencian singer. June 15, Valencia: María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, Spanish politician, vice president of the government during the presidency of the socialist Rodríguez Zapatero. June 29, Parets del Vallès, Vallès Oriental: Joan Clos i Matheu, politician, mayor of Barcelona, ​​1997, 2006) and Minister of Industry, Tourism and Trade of Spain. July 20, Barcelona: María del Carmen Gómez Muntané, musicologist specializing in medieval music and Fr.