October 20, 2021

1991 (MCMXCI) was a normal year according to the Gregorian calendar, beginning on Tuesday.


Catalan countries February 11: Club Super 3 is born on Televisió de Catalunya. June 17, the Aran Valley: After 157 years, this Gascon enclave in Catalonia regains its autonomous government: the Conselh Generau. September 17, Badalona: The Olympic Pavilion (or Municipal Sports Palace) is inaugurated, with a basketball match between the Youth of Badalona and the Aris of Thessaloniki. December 3, Barcelona: the sculpture A Lluís Millet, by the artist Josep Salvadó Jassans located in front of the Palau de la Música Catalana, is inaugurated. The University of Girona is created, segregating several faculties that depended on the UAB. Foundation of the group Polipoetic Accidents. Rest of the world March 7; Madrid, Spain: The Congress of Deputies approves the creation of the Instituto Cervantes. June 12: The Russian city of Leningrad regains its former name of St. Petersburg. Boris Yeltsin is elected President of Russia. August 27 - Moldova declares independence from the Soviet Union. October 30, Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Madrid Peace Conference begins in an effort to revive peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine. The Spanish music group Objetivo Birmania is disbanded The films Antonia and Jane and The Little Locomotive are released Phoenix Direct Foundation.



The Marvel Comics series Alpha Flight and The New Mutants came together at number 100: the latter was replaced by X-Force. Instead, others like The Transformers were canceled. The first issue of Volume 2 of X-Men, published in October with five different covers, became the best-selling comic in history with an estimated four million copies.


Nobel Prize

Video Games

In March, Capcom released the recreational Street Fighter II, a fighting video game that marked the genre during the 1990s. Sonic (a Sega character) debuted on June 23 in the eponymous Mega Drive game and later in two adaptations for Master System and Game Gear. On July 1, SNK launched the general marketing of the Neo-Geo AES console, following the success of the hotel version. On August 23, the local version of the Super Famicom was released in the American market, renamed Super Nintendo and with a different design. On December 12, Sega released the Mega-CD in Japan, an external compact disc player for the Mega Drive. In Japan, Epoch marketed the electronic game Barcode Battler, which used barred codes.


Països Catalans2 January, Badalona: Mireia Vila Cabiro, professional Catalan basketball player. January 23, Barcelona: Clara Basiana i Cañellas, Catalan synchronized swimming swimmer. March 27, Vilassar de Marː Judit Neddermann, Catalan singer-songwriter. April 24, Alicanteː Ana Pomares, Valencian writer. June 10, Granollers, Vallès Oriental: Pol Espargaró i Villà, Vallès motorcycling rider. June 26, Tuïr, Roussillon: Angélique Duchemin, northern Catalan boxer. August 8, Terrassa, Vallès Occidentalː Marta Corredera i Rueda, Catalan footballer, who plays as a midfielder or winger. August 28, Barcelona: Anna Saliente i Andrés, Catalan sociologist and political activist. Rest of the world January 1, Chicago, United States: Alexandra Gray, American actress and singer. 6 of January, Cadiz, Andalusia: Marta Carro, Spanish soccer player who plays like defense in Valencia CF of the First Division of Spain. January 19, Duće, Croatia: Petra Martić, professional Croatian tennis player. January 24, Los Angeles, USA: Avi Nash, American actor. February 2, Tyseley, Birmingham: Nathan Delfouneso, English footballer. February 8, Bekoji, Ethiopia: Ethiopian athlete Genzebe Dibaba. February 12, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro: Martine Grael, sailor from

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