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1995 (MCMXCV) was a normal year in the Gregorian calendar that began on Sunday.


April 19, Palma, Mallorca: the first water treatment plant in the Balearic Islands is inaugurated in Son Tugores, with an effluent of 30,000 m³ / day of water. On the 22nd of April, in the Ermita de Sant Jaume Sesoliveres in Igualada, the Colla Castellera dels Moixiganguers d'Igualada was officially born in its first performance. May 1, Salou, Tarragona: The first theme park in the state, Port Aventura, is inaugurated. September 11, Terra Lliure proclaims its formal and final dissolution, after 16 years of armed struggle. November 28, Barcelona: The Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA) is officially inaugurated. Rest of the world January 10, Paris, France: King Juan Carlos I of Spain and former President of the United States Jimmy Carter receive the UNESCO Peace Prize. January 17, Kobe, Japan: The 7.3 magnitude Kobe earthquake destroys the city and kills more than 6,400 people. January 26, Balearic Islands: The Government of the Balearic Islands declares its Dragonera Natural Park through decree 7/1995 of January 26. Even today, the island remains uninhabited. March 18, Seville: Helena of Bourbon and Greece, Princess of Spain marries Jaime de Marichalar. June 8: The first version of the PHP programming language is released by its creator, Rasmus Lerdorf. July 11, Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Srebrenica massacre, the worst massacre in recent European history. July 14, Nuremberg, Germany: The Fraunhofer Society chooses the mp3 name for the new compressed digital audio format (codec) that will make possible the great expansion of Internet music distribution. October 15, Iraq: Saddam Hussein is re-elected President in a referendum with 99.99% of the vote. October 30, Quebec: Citizens of the Canadian region vote by a narrow margin (50.58% to 49.42%) in favor of remaining a province in its second referendum on national sovereignty. November 21, Dayton, Ohio, USA: The Dayton Accords are signed, the peace agreement that put an end to more than three years of war in Bosnia. December 15: The Court of Justice of the European Communities issues the so-called Bosman Act. Madrid: The member states of the European Union agree to the creation of a common European currency, the Euro.

Cinema and television

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Music and radio

The Dadafon music group was formed. On the day of the release of their second album, Radiohead released the VHS Live at the Astoria concert, recorded the previous year in London, in which they performed some songs from The Bends, then still unreleased.


On July 9, Genovés won his last Individual Ladder and Rope Championship against Álvaro de Faura; on the 17th, the Anoeta pediment changed its name in honor of Athanasius III.

Nobel Prize

Video Games

In February, Tiger Electronics presented the R-Zone at the American International Toy Fair. On August 2, Sega released the Comix Zone for Genesis in North America. The Casio Loopy console, exclusive to the Japanese, was launched in October.


People born in 1995 will turn 27 in 2022. Catalan countries March 13, Mallorca: Maitane López Millán, first division football player. 21 de juny, Rubí: Beatriz Ortiz Muñoz, jugadora catalana de waterpolo, membre de la selecció femenina espanyola. August 29, Barcelona: Alba Pomares López, football player. Rest of the world June 13, Zaragoza, María Pilar León Cebrián, football player of the Spanish first division; plays as a defender. August 8 - Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norwayː Malin Reitan, Norwegian singer who participated in the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. September 20, Whangarei: Laura Dekker, New Zealand sailor, lost

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