June 23


July 5, 2022

June 23 is the one hundred and seventy-fourth day of the year in the Gregorian calendar and the one hundred and seventy-fifth in leap years. There are 191 days remaining until the end of the year.


Catalan countries 1854 - Barcelona: first concert of the Orfeó Barcelonès, first choir of the Spanish State. It takes place at the Odeon Theater. 1887 - Reus: begins to serve the Economic Tram from Reus to Salou. 1925 - Primo de Rivera's regime closes the Orfeó Català. 1931 - Barcelona: the first issue of the satirical weekly "El Be Negre" is published. Rest of the world 1757 - Palashi (West Bengal, India): The British East India Company wins a final victory at the Battle of Plassey during the Seven Years' War against the Nabab of Bengal and the French East India Company. 1768 - Aranjuez: Charles III signs the Royal Certificate "so that in all the Kingdom it is acted and taught in Castilian language with other things that are expressed", article VII of which it says: "I command that the teaching of first letters, Latinidad and rhetoric is done in Spanish generally wherever it is not practiced, taking care of its fulfillment the Hearings. 1814 - Montevideo (Uruguay): the independentistas of the River of the Silver culminate the Siege of Montevideo of 1812-1814 occupying the city during the War of Argentine Independence. 1865 - United States: The Civil War ends with the victory of the Union of Northern States. 1894 - Paris: The International Olympic Committee is founded. 1952 - North Korea: Bombing of North Korea by the United States. 1993 - Lausanne (Switzerland): Joan Antoni Samaranch inaugurates the Lausanne Olympic Museum. 1996 - Atlanta, Georgia (USA): Michael Johnson breaks the record of the 200 meters, which he had since 1979 Pietro Mennea.


Països Catalans1736 - Esparreguera, Bishopric of Barcelona: Jaume Pasqual, doctor in canon and civil law, abbot and prior of the monastery of Bellpuig de les Avellanes and historian known above all for his "Monumenta Cathaloniae". 1765 - Alpens, Osona: Agustí Canelles i Carreres, Catalan astronomer and mathematician (d. 1818). 1860 - Barcelona: Joan Llimona i Bruguera, Catalan painter (d. 1926). 1895 - Barcelona: Josep Maria Batista i Roca, Catalan historian, ethnologist and politician. He is considered one of the founders of science-based anthropology in Catalonia. 1919 - Barcelona: Andreu Ribera i Rovira, lawyer, industrialist and Catalan politician (m. 2002). 1921 - Madridː Carmelina Sánchez-Cutillas, historian, novelist and Valencian poet (m. 2009). 1954 - Barcelona: Carme Pinós i Desplat, Catalan architect and university professor. 1962 - Puig-reig, Berguedàː Maria Montserrat Butxaca, Catalan poetess. 1980 - Barcelona: Mireia Calafell i Obiol, Catalan writer. 1982 - Maóː Susana Mora Humbert, labor lawyer and Menorcan politician; President of the Insular Council of Menorca. 1990 - Vilafranca del Penedès: Laura Ràfols Parellada, Catalan footballer who played in the First Football Division of Spain. Rest of the world1703 - Trzebnica, Silesia: Maria Leszczyńska, queen of France, consort of Louis XV (d. 1768). 1763 - Les Trois-Îlets, Martiniqueː Josephine de Beauharnais, Empress of France from 1804 until her death (d. 1814). 1810 - Vienna: Fanny Elssler, Austrian dancer (d. 1884). 1855 - Dieppe, Normandy, Franceː Maude Valérie White, English composer (d. 1937). 1876 ​​- Paducah, USA: Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb, American writer and comedian (d. 1944). 1879 - Saint Petersburg: Angelina Beloff, painter and Mexican artist, with Russian origins (m. 1969) 1883 - London - Geraldine Beamish, English tennis player, medalist at the Antwerp Olympics (d. 1972). 1894 - White Lodge (England): Edward VIII of the United Kingdom, King of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ireland and the British Overseas Dominions, and Emperor of India. He abdicated from the British crown in order to be able to