August 4


August 19, 2022

August 4 is the two hundred and sixteenth day of the year in the Gregorian calendar and the two hundred and seventeenth in leap years. There are 149 days left until the end of the year.


Catalan countries 1889, Palma, Mallorca: the first issue of the second era of the weekly "La Roqueta" is published there. Rest of the world 1789, Paris: the French Constituent Assembly abolishes feudalism. 1791, Svixtov, Bulgaria: The Austro-Ottoman War of 1788-1791 between the Ottoman Empire and the Archduchy of Austria ends with the signing of the Treaty of Sistova. 1836, Fortanet, Aragonese Magistrate, Province of Teruel: Liberals win the Battle of Fortanet during the First Carline War. 1840, Paris: a coup by Louis Napoleon fails. 1879, Vatican City: Leo XIII publishes the encyclical Aeterni Patris. 1919, Hungary: The White Terror replaces the communist regime of Bela Kun. 1983 - OAP summit in Tunisia. The socialist Bettino Craxi becomes the head of government of Italy. Alt Volta: Coup against the government of Jean-Baptiste Ouédraogo by Thomas Sankara. 2020, Beirut, Lebanon: The explosion in the city's port of more than 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate has devastating effects on people and structures.


Catalan countries 1908 - Sabadell: Conrad Crespí i Vergés, survivor of the Mauthausen Nazi concentration camp from Sabadell. 1915 - Sabadell: Anna Fernández Recasens, piano teacher. 1918 - Puigcerdà: Maria Teresa Bonilla i Elias, Catalan veterinarian, the first woman to practice veterinary medicine in the Principality (d. 1992). 1929 - Trullars: André Sanac, 15-year-old rugby player (d. 2015). 1965 - Barcelona: Núria Garcia Quera, Catalan writer. Barcelonaː Neus Asensi, Catalan film and television actress. 1970 - Gavà: Àngel Edo, former Catalan cyclist. Rest of the world 1521 - Rome (Italy): Giovanni Battista Castagna, future Pope known as Urban VII. 1792 - Field Place, near Horsham (Sussex, England): Percy Bysshe Shelley, English poet and thinker. (d. 1822). 1821 -Anchay, Jura, France: Louis Vuitton, designer since 1858. 1859 - Lom, Norway: Knut Hamsun (Knut Pedersen), Norwegian writer, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1920 (d. 1952). 1900 - London, United Kingdom: Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, Queen of England. 1901 - New Orleans (Louisiana, USA): Louis Armstrong, American jazz musician and singer. 1910 - Samedan, Switzerland: Selina Chönz, Swiss author of children's books in English Romansh (d. 2000). 1920 - Winchester, Kentucky (USA): Helen Thomas, American journalist and writer (d. 2013). 1929 - Cairo (Egypt) [or Gaza or Jerusalem (Palestine), according to some sources, and even another day in the same month of August]: Yasser Arafat, was president of the Palestine Liberation Organization and president of the country (d. 2004). Rome: Gabriella Tucci, Italian soprano, particularly associated with the Italian repertoire. 1932 - Peru, New York: Frances Allen, American computer scientist, pioneer in the field of compiler optimization and winner of the Turing Award (d. 2020). 1937 - London (England): David Bedford, English musician and composer (d. 2011). 1956 - Cold Spring Harbor, United Statesː Meg Whitman, American businesswoman and top executive, who ran Hewlett-Packard. 1960 - Valladolid, Spain: José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, President of the Government of Spain since April 16, 2004 and Secretary General of the PSOE since July 22, 2000. Chicago, Illinois: Deborah Voigt, American lyric-dramatic soprano. 1961 - Honolulu, Hawaii, USA: Barack Obama, politician and President of the United States from 2009 to 2017, 2009 Nobel Peace Prize laureate. 1965 - Dorchester (Massachusetts, USA): Dennis Lehane, American writer. 1966 - Limoges (France): Luc Leblanc, French professional cyclist. 1968 Cieza (Spain): Ignacio García Camacho, former Spanish cyclist. Graz (Austria): Olga Neuwirth, Austrian composer. Busan (