August 6


August 19, 2022

August 6 is the two hundred and eighteenth day of the year in the Gregorian calendar and the two hundred and nineteenth in leap years. There are 147 days left until the end of the year.


Països Catalans1835, Barcelona: An enraged crowd sets fire to the Bonaplata Factory during a riot. 1912, Sabadell: The first illuminated night football match in Spain is played between CE Sabadell and FC Barcelona. 2008: The film WALL·E, produced by Pixar, is released in Spain (with some copies dubbed into Catalan in Catalonia). Rest of the world 1806: Francis I of Austria decrees the suppression of the Holy Empire. 1905, Cabestany: Maria Montserrat Capdevila d'Oriola, one of the first mathematicians in Spain (d. 1993). 1920, London, United Kingdom: Scouts gathered at the First World Jamboree proclaim Baden-Powell World Scoutmaster. 1945, Hiroshima, Japanese Empire: The American B-29 bomber Enola Gay piloted by Paul Tibbets, drops the first atomic bomb used against the civilian population in the bombing of Hiroshima on the city of Little Boy. 2012, Aeolis Palus, Mars: The Curiosity rover lands on Mars for a two-year mission that will be much longer. 2004: The Supreme Court of Australia ruled in the Al-Kateb v. Godwin case that the indefinite detention of a stateless woman was in accordance with the law.


Països Catalans1837 - Pollença: Alberta Giménez i Adrover, Mallorcan religious and teacher (d. 1922). 1909 - Barcelona: Elvira-Augusta Lewi, Catalan writer and journalist (d. ca. 1970). 1910 - Argentona: Margarida Abril i Gonzàlez, trade unionist and Catalan politician (d. 2003). 1925 - Espui: Conxita Grangé and Beleta, anti-fascist resistance, survivor of the Ravensbrück concentration camp (d. 2019). 1932 - Barcelona: Lluís Maria Xirinacs i Damians, Catalan priest and politician (d. 2007). 1940 - Vilanova de Raò: Christiane Frenay, painter, engraver and graphic designer from Roussillon 1942 - Barcelona: Francesc Pi de la Serra i Valero, known as Quico Pi de la Serra, is a Catalan guitarist and singer-songwriter, considered one of the historical representatives of the New Song. 1960 - Manresa, Bages: Rosa Maria Miró i Roig, Catalan mathematician. Rest of the world 1180 - Kyoto (Japan): Emperor Go-Toba was the 82nd emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession. 1619 - Venice (Republic of Venice): Barbara Strozzi, Italian singer and composer (d. 1677). 1651 - Senta Mundana (France): François Fénelon, French theologian and writer (d. 1715). 1667 - Basel (Switzerland): Johann Bernoulli, Swiss doctor and mathematician, one of the initiators of infinitesimal calculus (d. 1748). 1775 - Versailles (France): Louis XIX of France, Duke of Angoulême and Dauphin of France. From 1836 he was the head of the royal house of Bourbon in France and legitimist pretender to the French throne. 1841 - Aiud, Transylvaniaː Florence Baker, British explorer (d. 1916). 1860 - Den Helder, Netherlands: Aletta Ruijsch, Dutch painter and draftsman (d. 1930). 1881 - Lochfield, Scotland: Alexander Fleming, Scottish biologist, bacteriologist and university professor awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology in 1945, famous for being the discoverer of penicillin (d. 1955). 1902 - Berlin: Margarete Klose, German mezzo-soprano (d. 1968). 1917 - Bridgeport (USA): Robert Mitchum, American actor (d. 1997). 1928: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA: Andy Warhol, artist, central figure in the pop art movement. Nimes (France): Jean Carrière, radio and television producer, music critic and writer. 1972 Goncourt Prize for his novel "L'Epervier de Maheux" (d. 2005) 1930 - Chicago: Abbey Lincoln, American jazz singer, songwriter and actress (d. 2010). 1932 - Hammersmith, London, England: Gordon Howard Eliot Hodgkin was a British painter and printmaker. 1936 - Vladivostok, Russia: Svetlana Fedosseieva is a Russian archaeologist. 1968 - Ankara, Turkey