August 19, 2022

Activism is sustained activity with the intention of effecting a change of a social or political nature, usually directed in favor of a particular position. Until the 1980s, "traditional" activism was particularly based on the labor movement and union struggle, while the new movements incorporated broad themes such as feminism, environmentalism, human rights, peace, sustainability and anti-globalization. It also includes "social activity" that takes place at neighborhood level, for example, or on a small and very specific scale. The word "activism" can arise from any type of political orientation and express itself in many different ways: editing or collaborating in the media, doing formal, informal or non-formal training, campaigning and promoting boycotts that aim to influence on an economic level, organizing street demonstrations, strikes, casseroles, installations or artistic actions, hacktivism, cyberactivism, etc. under a non-violent tactic or any other type, including guerrillas, depending on the type of activism. Some religious, feminist or vegetarian activism aims to persuade people to change their behavior directly, while others also seek to pressure governments to change laws. A particular case, cooperativism or cooperative movement, often seeks to build new institutions and institutions that conform to cooperative principles.

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