October 20, 2021

For the characters of Greek mythology with the name Actor, see Actor (mythology) An actor or actress is a person who acts in a production of performing or visual arts. This word usually refers to someone who works in a movie, television, theater, or radio, and can occasionally refer to a street actor. Sometimes acting in dramatic roles actors can also sing or dance. In the twentieth century, actors are all professionals in their field and trained in dramatic art. With the advent of cinema, famous actors have multiplied.


It seems that the first actor to record history, in 534 BC (probably on November 23, due to changes in the calendar, during history, makes it difficult to determine exactly), when the Greek Tespis performed at the Theater of Dionysus, and was the first to say words as a representation. Before the performance of Tespis the stories were sung and danced in a narrative style in the third person. In reference to Tespis he refers to the actors, sometimes as Tespis. The theatrical myth holds to this day that Tespis exists as a malicious spirit, and disasters in the theater are sometimes blamed on the intervention of his ghost. In classical Greece, only men could be actors. They covered their faces with grotesque masks. They continued in this way during the Roman Empire. In the Middle Ages, the theater declined. The minstrels are considered by some experts as the actors, as they performed the songs of the troubadours. Modern theater began with sacramental cars; as a sample of these works we can cite the Mystery of Elche, which is still represented every year in the city. During the Renaissance and Baroque, the theater, along with the actors, grew again. The actors began to become professionals. In addition, when the opera appeared, actors and singers were needed at the same time.

The word

In the past, the word “actor” referred only to men. Women did not act until the seventeenth century. In ancient and medieval theater it was considered full of misfortune for a woman to take the stage. This continued until the seventeenth century, when this custom was broken in Venice. In the time of William Shakespeare, the roles of women were played by men or allots, although there is evidence to suggest that women disguised as men also (legally) would have acted. An actor or actress usually creates and develops with his own poetics a fictional character, which can be based on someone alive who has existed, even on the person who acts, and his relationships with himself, the other characters and the environment, based on the circumstances in which it finds itself. Antonin Artaud defines the actor or actress as "the athlete of the heart", in the sense of "the athlete of emotions".

Types of actors

Some actors specialize in some genres, for example, musical theater, such as the Àngels Gonyalons, or in porn cinema, such as the pornstar Nacho Vidal. Dubbing actors or voice actors put voices in cartoons, characters on the radio, voice-overs, and in audiovisual formats originally recorded in a foreign language.

Famous actors and lists of actors

Among the Catalan actors we must mention Joan Capri, Mary Santpere, Núria Espert, Montserrat Carulla, Mercè Bruquetas, Pau Garsaball. Among the new generations are Lluís Homar, Ramon Madaula, Emma Vilarasau, Pep Anton Muñoz, Vicky Peña, Sergi López, etc. Some famous Spanish theater actors are Fernando Fernán-Gómez and Lola Herrera, among others. Among the Europeans and cinema, we can mention, among others, the Spaniards, such as Victoria Abril, Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas, the Italians Monica Bellucci and Alberto Sordi, the Frenchman Jean Reno, etc. Due to the rules of the current economy, and to the great advertising promotion of the films here

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