Albert Tarrats i Farrerons


January 23, 2022

Albert Tarrats i Farrerons (Les Borges Blanques, 1943 - Les Borges Blanques, January 6, 2022) was a Catalan independence activist, cultural activist and restaurateur.


Tarrats was a member of the National Front of Catalonia under the Franco regime, making his home a safe place for clandestine meetings, was a promoter of the Union of Farmers in the West and creator of bourgeois cultural initiatives such as the Yellow disco of the 1970s and, together with his wife Dolors Solé, from Cafeteria Slàvia in 1994, with the emphasis then placed on jazz and blues, and becoming an inescapable reference in live music. He also participated in projects groups in the service of the national construction of the Catalan Countries, such as Ràdio Ponent, where he was part of the governing board between 1985 and 1987.


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