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A student is a person dedicated to the study of knowledge, learning or practice on a subject, art or profession.

Student group

A student group is made up of those people dedicated to reading, putting into practice and apprehending knowledge about a subject or art. Student groups are also those formed by people to hold debates, marches, games, etc. on behalf of an educational institution.


The current use of the word student comes from the Middle Ages. It is the result of a distortion of the meaning of the Latin word "studere" and its noun "Studium". “Studere” could be translated as to strive, or more correctly “to put zeal on,” as this Latin verb was always used with a complement. Then a student in Roman times was someone who struggled, not someone who learned, the latter were called "disciples" which translates as "learners". Moreover, the matrix of this verb is found in the Greek "spudatzo", which has the same meaning as in Latin, but with a much greater emphasis. Interestingly the Greeks never used this verb to designate those whose trade was to learn, because they never considered it a particularly strenuous trade. The current use of the word student for the learner can be found in medieval monasteries and particularly in St. Thomas Aquinas, who reflected on the etymology of the word study and said that those who abandoned the search for truth were those who were not willing to strive to find it, to make the sacrifice of ascetic life to get there, so whoever wants to get to the truth, or who finally gets to it is the student, l 'strenuous, and from thence began to be called students the monks, who were engaged in seeking God and truth. Then the term was extended to anyone who sought the truth in a particular area of ​​knowledge, and in a final distortion began to be called a student to anyone who was engaged in learning.

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