August 19, 2022

Basketball, popularly known as basketball, is a sport played between two teams of five players each, who try to get a ball into the basket defended by the opposing team, with the aim of getting more points than the opponent, while respecting the rules of the game. Basketball was born in the United States in 1891, invented by James Naismith, a physical education teacher at the YMCA Training School in Springfield (Massachusetts) who was tasked with inventing a sport to be played on an indoor court , since the winters in that area made any activity outside difficult. However, some historians attribute the origin of basketball to the Mayan tribe, since they practiced a similar sport, tlachtli. During the 20th century, basketball spread throughout the world thanks to the creation of the International Basketball Federation in 1932, and it has been an Olympic sport since the 1936 Summer Olympics, held in Berlin. It was during the First World War, with the arrival of American soldiers, who practiced this sport a lot, when basketball began to become popular throughout Europe. Basketball was made known in Catalonia by the Catalan pedagogue Eladi Homs i Oller in 1911 and was practiced for the first time in Catalonia in 1913 at the Vallparadís school in Terrassa, promoted by Alexandre Galí and Artur Martorell. After the First World War, the Belgian Emile Tiberghien incorporated basketball in his gym on Calle Aragó in Barcelona. Despite these first basketball demonstrations in our country, it is commonly accepted that basketball was introduced to Catalonia in 1922 by father Eusebi Millan when he formed the first children's teams at the Escoles Pies de Sant Antoni in Barcelona.


The first manifestations of activities similar to basketball can be found in the 10th century BC in America, where the Olmecs, a native people, played a game similar to basketball called pok-ta-pok. In the 16th century the Aztecs played a variation of the game called ollamalizli or ichlachil. Basketball, which probably has its basis in the German game korbball, was born in December 1891. The American from the University of Springfield, Massachusetts, James A. Naismith is considered as the father and inventor of basketball. This physical education teacher invented a game that consisted of passing a ball through a circle. Team sport that had its first regulation in 1891. It quickly spread throughout North America and soon became professional. The first match between universities was in 1895 between Yale and Pennsylvania. The first match considered professional was played in Trento (New York) in 1893. In 1898 the first professional league was created. In 1932 the NCAA championship was born and in 1946 the NBA (under the name Basketball Association of America). FIBA was founded in 1932. The American soldiers who fought in the First World War exported it to Europe and in 1936 it was already accepted as an Olympic sport. In 1950, the first men's World Basketball Championships were held in Argentina, and three years later the first women's championship was held in Chile. These championships continue to be held every four years, alternating with the Olympic Games. In 1989, FIBA ​​allowed the participation of professionals in the Olympic Games, since until then only amateur athletes participated. This allowed for the participation of NBA players.

Basketball in Catalonia

Basketball was made known in Catalonia by the Catalan pedagogue Eladi Homs i Oller following his stay in the USA to extend his studies at the universities of Urbana and Chicago. In 1911 he wrote an article in the "Revista d'Educació" where he described the characteristics of basketball and recommended it in physical education classes. Following these recommendations it was practiced for