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October 20, 2021

Open content, by analogy with open source, is a concept coined by David Wiley in 1998 to describe any content (articles, drawings, audios, videos, photographs, etc.) published under a non-restrictive license. and in a format that explicitly allows copying, distribution, and modification. The open content concept inherits the philosophy of copyleft and free software, which is exemplified by the GNU Free Documentation License, which publishes this encyclopedia. Although in the beginning open content was its own licensing model, OpenContent License (OPL, 1998), currently the Open Content Organization advises the use of Creative Commons licensing models, inspired by the GNU GPL. Creative Commons was formed in 2002, made up of some American and British professors and professionals, and was led by Professor Lawrence Lessig of Stanford University in the United States. Currently, open content is disseminated and used mainly in higher education, where the transfer of knowledge with minor restrictions is critical. If the open contents have been placed in a preeminent place in the academic culture it is because they meet three important conditions for sharing educational resources: the didactic context, the technology used to provide them with reuse and the free disposition of the property. intellectual.

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