January 23, 2022

The urban militias of the main cities of Catalonia during the modern age were called Coronela under the name of Coronela, such as Coronela de Barcelona, ​​Coronela de Lleida, Coronela de Tortosa, Coronela de Tarragona or Coronela de Manresa, cities that under the protection of the Catalan Constitutions enjoyed autonomy to arm and defend themselves in the event of aggression. They were formed by militarized citizens of the trades guilds. The term colonel to define the military organization of guilds appears in 1704



Hernandez and Cardona, Francesc Xavier; Riart and Jou, Francesc; Rubio and Campillo, Xavier. La Coronela de Barcelona 1705-1714. Rafael Dalmau Editor, 2010. ISBN 9788423207503. Wiktionary

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