Barcelona Soccer Club


January 23, 2022

Futbol Club Barcelona, ​​popularly known as Barça, is a sports club in Barcelona (Catalonia) founded on November 29, 1899 by a group of young Swiss, Catalan and British footballers led by the Swiss citizen Joan Gamper. Unlike most professional sports clubs around the world, Barça is not a public limited company; that is to say, the ownership of the club falls to its 144,000 members, which makes it the seventh football club with the most members in the world, after River Plate. According to the historical ranking of the IFFHS, it is the best club in the world since 1991. The football team was one of the founders of the Spanish Football League in 1928, and since then it is one of the 3 teams that has always played in the First Division. It is currently one of the teams with the most trophies in the world, of which the following stand out, among others: 26 Spanish League Championships, 31 King's Cups, 13 Spanish Super Cups, 5 European Cups, 5 European Super Cups, 4 European Cup Winners' Cup, 3 Fair Cups and 3 Club World Cups. It is the third club with the most international titles (22), the same as Boca Juniors and Club Nacional - behind Real Madrid, with 29; and Al-Ahly, with 24. Barça is the only team in Europe that has always played in one of the four European competitions since 1955; the only club in the Spanish league that has managed to win the three most important competitions in the same year (the Cup, the League and the Champions League) in the 2008-2009 season and the 2014-2015 season; the only European to achieve more than one season; and one of the teams that has won the 6 most important titles in the same year (2009) (three international and three national). The football team has won 88 official titles, making it the team with the most titles in Spain. A fact that makes it unique in the world is to have, in addition to football, four professional sections moreover, all in the elite of European club sports competitions, in the disciplines of basketball, handball, roller hockey and indoor soccer. Among the five professional sections mentioned, FC Barcelona holds more than 305 official national titles and more than 100 official international titles, including a total of 41 European Cups, 78 Leagues and 82 King's Cups, to which more must be added. of 412 official professional titles. The 2010-11 season was the club's most successful overall, with 14 titles: 3 for the football team, basketball and futsal; two in handball and roller hockey and one in women's soccer. In addition to the five professional sections, the club also has 10 amateur sections in other sports: field hockey, athletics, figure skating, ice hockey, volleyball, volleyball (women's), rugby, wheelchair basketball, beach soccer and indoor soccer. The subsidiary team of the football team is Futbol Club Barcelona B and at the same time it has two youth teams, as well as training teams in all categories and in most sports specialties, which allow to feed the first teams. with the largest possible number of players on the roster. Also, in the women's field, the club has a football team called FC Barcelona Femení, professional since 2016, and a training football team. Another of the unique characteristics that make Barça considered by many of its fans "more than a club" is its role as ambassador and defender of Catalan culture and language and the current tasks of solidarity and support. disadvantaged children around the world. All this, coordinated and carried out by the Barça Foundation, an entity that has received 0.7% of the club's regular income since 2006 in order to promote social programs and projects. Camp Nou, with a capacity for 99,354 spectators. His followers are known as

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