Gustavo Petro Urrego


July 6, 2022

Gustavo Francisco Petro Urrego (Gold Marsh, Cordova, 19 of April of 1960) is a politician and Colombian economist.


Son of the teacher Gustavo Petro and Clara Nubia Urrego, was baptized Gustavo Francisco in honor of his father and his grandfathers. When he was in the second grade, his family moved to Zipaquirá, where he studied at the La Salle de Zipaquirá National School and founded the newspaper Carta al Pueblo and a cultural center called Gabriel García Márquez. During this stage, Petro began to meet with trade union movements and workers of Zipaquirá. Graduated from the Externado University of Colombia, he held various public positions in Zipaquirá. In his youth he was part of the M-19 guerrillas. It was voted in several Colombian legislative elections by the Alternative Democratic Pole, among them, the one of Senator of the Republic, position to which acceded in the elections of the 2006 with the third voting of the country. In 2009 he resigned to run for the presidency of Colombia in the 2010 elections on behalf of the same community. After ideological differences with the leaders of the Alternative Democratic Pole, he founded the Progressive Movement to compete for the mayor of Bogota. On October 30, 2011 he was elected Mayor of Bogotá in the local elections, a position he assumed on January 1, 2012, and from which he was briefly stripped in 2014 by an administrative action that was reversed by President Juan Manuel Santos. On June 17, 2018, he lost in the second presidential round, despite obtaining 8,034,189 votes, against Iván Duque Márquez in the highest vote in the history of a second presidential round in Colombia. In the elections presidential election of May 29, 2022, was the most voted candidate, receiving more than eight and a half million votes and 40% of the total vote, which gave him access to the second round of elections. In the celebration of this one, Gustavo Petro prevailed to Rodolfo Hernandez Suárez, receiving eleven million votes (50.44% of the voting). Therefore, he was named president-elect of Colombia, the first center-left in more than 200 years of Republican life and the most voted in the country's history.


He is the father of five children: Nicolás, from his relationship with Katia Burgos; Andrés and Andrea, from their relationship with Mary Luz Herrán (former M-19 fighter); Sofia and Antonella, from their relationship with their current wife, Verónica Alcocer, who, in turn, has a son named Nicolás.