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January 23, 2022

A child prodigy is a child who at an early age masters one or more disciplines at the level of an adult. Some of the most common fields in which prodigy children appear are math, chess, arts, and music, among other activities. Examples of extraordinary child prodigies include Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in music, Judit Polgár in chess, Shakuntala Devi, Carl Friedrich Gauss and John von Neumann in mathematics, Pablo Picasso in art, and Saul Kripke in philosophy. There is some controversy as to what is the standard age below which one can actually apply the concept of child prodigy in relation to a particular person. In German and English, the German term Wunderkind (combination of Wunder (miracle, or wonder) and Kind (infant) is sometimes used as a synonym for child prodigy, although its use in scientific literature is discouraged. The term also applies to adults who are successful at the beginning of their careers, such as Steven Spielberg, Steve Jobs, Shirley Temple, or Fred Goodwin.

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