Non-profit organization


October 20, 2021

A non-profit organization (OSAL) or non-profit organization (ONL) is an organization whose primary objective is to support an aspect of public or private interest without commercial purposes. Some work in fields as diverse as art, charity, education, language, politics or scientific research. Although non-profit organizations do not act to generate economic benefits, they may need to generate revenue to fund their activities. However, this income may be limited, or even legally restricted. These organizations typically receive funds from public or private entities, in the latter case, depending on the country and legislation, they may be tax deductible. Most non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are also non-profit organizations. A large number of non-profit organizations make up the so-called Third Sector, which manages programs and / or services that meet the social needs of the most vulnerable people or groups. In this sense, their actions are part of social service programs.

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