Paddy Moloney


October 20, 2021

Paddy Moloney (Donnycarney, Dublin, 1 August 1938 - 12 October 2021) was the leader of the Irish folk group The Chieftains. Flutist and bagpiper, master of the Uilleann pipes, he learned from another great performer, Leo Rowsome. His mother bought him a tin whistle when he was six years old and at the age of eight he began to learn to play the Uilleann pipes. He also practiced accordion and bodhrán. In the late 1950s he met Seán Ó Riada and joined the Ceoltóirí Chualann group in the early 1960s. Together with Garech de Brun (Garech Browne) from Luggala, he founded Claddagh Records in 1959. In 1968 he became in producer and supervised the recording of 45 albums.


Paddy Moloney and others - The Drones and Chanters: Irish Pipering (1971) Paddy Moloney and Sean Potts - Tin Whistles (1974) Silent Night: A Christmas in Rome (1998)



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