Peter Finch


January 23, 2022

Peter Finch (born Frederick George Peter Ingle Finch September 28, 1916, London - January 14, 1977, Beverly Hills) was an Australian actor of British descent.


Educated in India, he went to Australia where he acted as a theater actor. It starts in the cinema in Australia. In 1935 Finch began acting in some plays and also worked in radio. Three years later he was hired for his first film. After filming he returned to the theater, and is discovered by Laurence Olivier who invites him to London where he plays mainly Shakespeare. Despite the experience that Finch had already gained in theatrical performance, he had a certain fear of the stage, so he definitely turned to film. In 1949 he made his first English film. A year later he made his Hollywood debut, in the film The Miniver Story, but it was not until 1956 that his great opportunity came, A Town Like Alice with which he achieved fame. In 1972 he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor for his role as a gay Jewish doctor on Sunday, a cursed Sunday. He won the Oscar for Best Actor in 1977 for his portrayal of a TV presenter who has insane attacks on Network. Finch was already dead and the prize was picked up by his widow, Eletha Finch. In England Finch had won five awards from the British Film Academy. He died of a heart attack while on a Network promotional tour. Finch was married three times, of which he had three children. The first two marriages ended in divorce.



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