President of South Africa


August 19, 2022

The office of President of South Africa was created in 1961 when the Union of South Africa became the Republic of South Africa. The functions of the president were inherited from the former Governors-General of the Crown and were therefore limited to the honorary representation of the State. This was the case until 1984, when the political system was reformed into a presidential regime and, from then on, the president also assumed executive power. The official residence of South African presidents is Mahlamba Ndlopfu (formerly Libertas) in Pretoria.


The position of President of South Africa was occupied from the beginning and until 1994 by white politicians of the National Party of South Africa. From this year, with the fall of apartheid and the appointment of Nelson Mandela as the new president, the position has been in the hands of black politicians from the African National Congress party.

List of Presidents