August 19, 2022

A teacher is the person in charge of guiding the teaching-learning process of the students in their charge. In Catalonia, the term is usually reserved for secondary school teachers upwards, as primary school teachers are called teachers. The teachers have higher education. The teacher must have knowledge of the subject he has to teach, he must apply a specific teaching method and start from what the students already know so that they can incorporate the new concepts. He must also evaluate and certify the knowledge obtained and, in most cases, take care of tutoring or personalized monitoring of each student. October 5 is World Teacher's Day.

Types of teachers in the world

Depending on the country, it has certain attributions or others. Some countries have local dates to celebrate the importance of education and its professionals, such as India (September 5) or Turkey (November 24) among others.

Anglo-Saxon countries

In Anglo-Saxon countries, on the other hand, a professor is someone who teaches at the university, while "mestre" and all secondary and training teachers are translated by "teacher".

Classification and type of teachers in the Valencian Country, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands

In Spain, teachers and everything related to education depend on the autonomous governments of the Valencian Country, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. Teachers can carry out their work either in public education or in private education. In addition, there are other points of view from which teaching professionals in Spain can be classified: Depending on the legal exercise of the profession: On own account: As a freelancer. On behalf of others: In any of the forms of legal relationship with the worker. Depending on the educational system in which he works: Teachers in regulated education. Teachers in non-regulated education. Teacher or formal education monitor. Non-formal education teacher or monitor. Teacher or special education monitor. Etc.

Teachers of the public education system in Spain

Childhood education school teacher Senior Technician in Early Childhood EducationPrimary Education Primary teacher Secondary Education University training in the field in which the classes are given and a specific European master's degree in teaching are required. Professor of Secondary Education. Secondary Education Teachers Professional Training Technical Teachers Numerical teachers of F.P. (now Secondary School Teachers) Professor at the Official School of Languages Teaching staff at the Official Language School Professor of Music and Performing Arts Music and Performing Arts faculty Professor of Plastic Arts and Design Faculty of Plastic Arts and Design Workshop Master of Plastic Arts Higher Education University professor University Professor University School Professor Full Professor of University School Teaching Assistant Doctor Teaching assistant Contracted teaching staff Doctor Collaborating faculty Associate Professor Professor Emeritus Visiting faculty Workshop or Laboratory Teacher Laboratory technician Special Education Technical School Foreman school teacher speech therapist Senior Technician in Early Childhood Education Senior Technician in Social Integration Specialized educator

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