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July 5, 2022

Radio España Independiente, better known as La Pirenaica, due to the belief that it was broadcast from somewhere in the Pyrenees, was a station created by the Communist Party of Spain in the framework of the creation of radio stations by several communist parties in Europe during World War II as one more element of the struggle for their purposes. This station was created at the request of Dolores Ibárruri, Pasionaria, who would also sometimes be the announcer, as was her personal secretary Irene Lewy Rodríguez; and began broadcasting from Moscow on July 22, 1941. Along with the Spanish-language news of the BBC and Radio France International, Radio España Independiente, of course with all its flaws, would be the only radio information not controlled by the regime of Franco after the decree that granted the monopoly of the news to Radio Nacional de España, therefore, the simple fact of daring to tune it was already a gesture of opposition to the Franco regime. After the German attack on the Soviet Union and the proximity of German troops to Moscow, she was transferred to the city of Ufa, in the Autonomous Republic of Bashkortostan. On January 5, 1955, for reasons not fully explained, but which could be related to the presence of the Soviet Union at the United Nations or to a division of activities between its satellite countries, the station moved to which would be its final location, the capital of Romania, Bucharest. From 1960 it is endowed with better technical means to improve its coverage and face the interferences caused by the Francoist authorities through its own and allied emitters, such as those existing in Pals (the Empordà, which were of the United States). It is at this time that techniques such as tape recording of programs and surprise broadcasting at different simultaneous frequencies began to be used. After the arrival of democracy in Spain, on July 14, 1977, Radio España Independiente broadcast the last program from Madrid, broadcasting the first session of the Cortes that were to begin drafting the Spanish Constitution. Armand Balsebre and Rosario Fontova have published the book Las cartas de La Pirenaica, which is a collection of letters received by the station, as for two generations it was the only means of communication not controlled by the Franco regime.

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