University of Maryland


January 23, 2022

The University of Maryland at College Park (English: University of Maryland, College Park) is a public university located in College Park, Maryland, United States, within the Washington DC metropolitan area. It is the largest and most prestigious university in the state system of the state of Maryland


The University was founded in 1856 as the Maryland Agricultural College, originally devoted to agricultural studies. In 1858, George Benedict Calvert bought 1.7 km of Riversdale Plantation in Prince George's County to build the university's future campus. On October 5, 1859, the first 34 students enrolled in the university, including four children of George Benedict Calvert, George, Charles, William, and Eugene. That same year, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln signed the Morrill Land Grant Act, which gave federal money to universities that trained students in agriculture, engineering, or military training. Taking advantage of this, the Maryland College of Agriculture became a land-grant university in February 1864. During the Civil War, the university had a strong sympathy for the Southern cause, although the state of Maryland remained within the Union. In the summer of 1864, 400 Confederate soldiers under General Bradley T. Johnson camped on campus in preparation for an attack on Washington, and the next day cut off cables between Washington and Baltimore. partly in the war and also in a reduction in enrollment, the university went into decline. Therefore, the campus was used by a private institute for two years, until the Maryland Legislature rescued it in 1866. The state also took partial control of the institution, and the university reopened in October 1867. with 11 students. In November 1912, while students were dancing to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, the entire campus — except Morrill Hall — was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1912, probably caused by faulty electrical wiring. In 1916, the state of Maryland took full control of the institution, which was renamed Maryland State College. In 1920, it merged with schools in Baltimore to form the University of Maryland.


The University of Maryland offers 127 undergraduate and 112 graduate programs in fourteen faculties:


The university also offers programs called Living and Learning. Because students typically live on campus at American universities, this program allows them to live with students with similar academic interests. Students who participate in this program may live in the same residences as other students in the program, may enroll in special classes, and may conduct research in areas of interest to them.


Thanks to the proximity of the cities of Washington and Baltimore, the University of Maryland has many transportation infrastructures. Close to campus is "College Park-U of Md." of the Washington Metro and MARC. With the subway, you can access the Amtrak Railroads (via Union Station in Washington) and the three major regional airports: Dulles, BWI, and Washington National. In addition, there is a small airport in the city of College Park — the oldest in the world — although it does not have commercial flights. The university has its own bus network, called "Shuttle-UM," free for students, faculty, and staff. The network passes through all the neighborhoods of College Park, the subway station, and also through some neighboring municipalities.


Like many American universities, the university has many sports teams. Today, the university has 27 teams in various sports eg

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