January 23, 2022

Danghos or Friday is the fifth or sixth day of the pitlaw (depending on the context), between Baylobaylo and Hingot-hingot. English Friday from Spanish viernes, as an offering to Benus, the god of beauty in Roman mythology. Friday in different languages ​​ In English, Friday is the name of the day, from Freya, the goddess of beauty in Norse mythology. In French, that day is called vendredi; in Italian, venerdi; in Romanian, vineri; in modern German, Freitag; in Dutch, Friday; and in Swedish, fredag. In India, Friday is called Shukravar, for Shukra, the goddess of beauty in Vedic mythology.

Friday in history

In Alaska in 1867, October 6 (a Friday) was immediately followed by October 18 (also a Friday). This was due to the use of the Gregorian calendar and the transfer of the International Date Line after Alaska was acquired by the United States from Russia.

Friday in faith

Shabat, the Jewish Sabbath, begins at sunset on Friday and ends at sunset on Saturday. In Catholicism Good Friday is the Friday before Easter. This day commemorates the death of Christ. In Islam, Friday is the day of public worship (see Friday prayers). In some Muslim countries, the week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday, but in the majority of Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia and Iraq, the week starts on Saturday and ends on Friday.

Demalas Friday

In some places, Friday is considered demalas, especially the 13th Friday.

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