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January 23, 2022

The United States of America (English: The United States of America or USA) is a federal republic composed of fifty countries. Most countries are located in the middle of North America. Each country has its own government under the federal system. The United States has two major borders, one bordered by Mexico and the other by Canada. It is surrounded by a variety of waters, including the Pacific Ocean, the Bering Sea, the Arctic Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean. The two countries Alaska and Hawaii are not included in the first 48 countries. It's the same with not sticking to each other. The EU has a collection of districts, territories and other jurisdictions in other parts of the world. The people of the United States are commonly referred to as "Americans." The national parent of the United States was observed by the declaration of the thirteen colonies from Great Britain in 1776 that they were now independent nations, and was strengthened by the Treaty of Paris (1783). Since the mid-20th century, it has preceded all countries in economic, political, military, and cultural influence. representative. This model is also followed by the presidential-congressional government in many other countries, especially those in Central America and South America including the Philippines.


As the third largest country in the world (aria), the landscapes and views of the United States are diverse: temperate forest on the East coast, Florida mangroves, the Great Plains in the middle. part of the country, the Mississippi-Missouri River system, the Great Lakes which are also part of Canada, the Rockies to the west of the plains, other deserts and temple zones on the west coast of the Rockies, and temperate rainforests in the northwestern part of the Pacific. Other landscapes also include Alaska and the volcanic islands of Hawaii. The climate is also diverse: tropical in Hawai‘i and south Florida, and also tundra in Alaska and the tops of high mountains (including Hawai‘i). Most of the northern and eastern parts have a continental-temperate climate, with hot summers and mild winters. The southern part of the country also has a subtropical humid climate with long winters and humid summers. The climate in the southwestern region is generally desert.


The indigenous peoples of the United States, including Alaska, came from Asia about 12,000-40,000 years ago. They are the so -called American Indians. The Spaniards preceded the Europeans in establishing European colonies in the minland, in the place they called Florida; the San Agustin (St. Augustine), founded in 1565, which remains to this day; and many Spanish colonies in the southwestern United States came from Mexico. French fur traders established outposts in Nouvelle France (New France) on the Great Lakes; France took most of the interior of North America to the south, along the Gulf of Mexico. The first successful British colonies were Virginia Colony in Jamestown in 1607 and the Pilgrims' Plymouth Colony in 1620. The chartering in 1628 of the Massachusetts Bay Colony resulted in the migration of the British (English, Scots, and Irish). ; and in 1634, New England was inhabited by about 10,000 Puritans. In 1614, the Dutch established colonies along the Hudson River, including New Amsterdam on the island of Manhattan, n

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