Gate: Philosophy


October 20, 2021

Gateway for philosophy. Branches of philosophy Meta-philosophy LOGIC Ethics Value theory Meta-ethics Epistemology Metaphysics Beauty is Political philosophy Philosophy of law Philosophy of mind Philosophy of artificial intelligence Philosophy of perception Philosophy of psychology Philosophy of religion Philosophy of science Philosophy of mathematics Philosophy of physics Philosophy of chemistry Philosophy of biology Philosophy of the social sciences Philosophy of society Philosophy of education Environmental philosophy Philosophy of history Philosophy of language Western Philosophy Agnosticism Anarchism Atiyesmo Christian Philosophy Contextualism Continental philosophy Communism Theory of criticism Diyesmo Empiricism Existentialism Humanism Idealism Islamic Philosophy Jewish Philosophy LIBERAL Logical positivism Marxist philosophy Materialism Modernism Mysticism Neoplatonism Objectivism Penomenalism Postmodernism Pragmatism Rationalism Relativism Platonism Scholasticism sophism Spiritism Theology Transcendentalism Transhumanism Eastern Philosophy Buddhism Confucianism Hinduism Jainism Karma Legalism Maoism Shinto Supism Taoism trunk Records List of basic concepts in philosophy List of philosophical concepts (more comprehensive) Succession of philosophers List of isms (with definition) List of philosophies List of philosophical questions List of philosophical parallels List of philosophical records

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