August 13, 2022

Kinatsila kun Inespanyol (Spanish: castellano kun español) is a Romance language originally spoken in the northern part of Spain. It is the official language of Spain, all Latin American countries (except Brazil) and Equatorial Guinea in Africa. In total, twenty countries and territories speak Spanish as their primary language. Spanish began as a Latin dialect in the provinces of Cantabria, Burgos and La Rioja in Northern Spain. From there, its use reached the Kingdom of Castilla, where it evolved into the principal language of government and business in Spain. It was brought to America, Africa and Asia-Pacific in the last five centuries from Spanish explorers and colonialists. This lenguaje is spoken by about 364 million people worldwide (year 2000 estimate), making Spanish the most popular Romance language and the second to fifth most spoken lenguaje based on native speakers. Romanian language - e [eː] close-mid front unrounded vowel for long vowel.


Spanish was the official language of the Philippines from 1565 until the year 1973 (immediately returned to its original status according to the order of Marcos) and in 1987 it was removed from the school curriculum. Chavacano, a criollo based on Spanish, is spoken and used in Zamboanga City and other neighboring areas in Mindanao. The word Sinugboanon comes from the Spanish or cachilà which means the language of the Spaniards. It comes from the Spanish term Castilla, the original kingdom of Spain and the name of their own language castellano. In Tagalog, it is called Spanish. Many words or terms in Binisayang Sinugboanon and other Filipino languages ​​come from Spanish.

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