Death in 2021


October 25, 2021

On this page you will find a chronological list of important personalities who died in 2021. It is possible to add personalities who do not yet have their own article, if it is likely that they meet the condition of encyclopedic significance. Personalities are sorted within days alphabetically by last name, or pseudonym. A typical item should have the structure: Name (or pseudonym), age, nationality and occupation, cause of death (if known) and references. If the reference does not clearly indicate the date of death, it is appropriate to state this as "notified on this day".

Czech Republic


January 2 Marek Pivovar, 56, dramaturg3. January Milena Asmanová, 90, actress and teacher Eva Jurinová, 67, moderator and journalist5. January Vladimír Oplt, 83 years old, politician6. January Jan Soukup, 78, hockey player and coach Vojtěch Steklač, 75 years old, writer and translator7. January Miloš Beznoska, 61 years old, football player Michal Mejstřík, 68 years old, economist8. January Květa Eretová, 94 years old, chess grandmaster Antonín Linhart, 80, guitarist, singer and songwriter Ivo Niederle, 91 years old, herec9. January František Filip, 90 years old, film and television director10. January David Stypka, 41 years old, singer11. January Libor Pátý, 91, physicist and politician14. January Evžen Neustupný, 87 years old, archaeologist Jan Rybář, 89 years old, Jesuit15. January Otakar Michl, 72, guitarist and translator16. January Antonín Bartoš, 87 years old, ceramicist17. January Jan Chvála, 31 years old, climber Karel Löbl, 95, scientist and politician18. January Lubomír Kaválek, 77 years old, chess grandmaster19. January Zdeněk Sternberg, 97 years old, nobleman20. January Pavel Blatný, 89 years old, composer Pavel Koutenský, 76, soldier Jan Werner, 87, civil engineer and Esperantist21. January Pavel Jasanský, 82 years old, photographer Bernard Papánek, 101 years old, Czechoslovak soldier24. January Václav Kojecký, 94 years old, football goalkeeper25. January Vladimír Suchánek, 87 years old, artist26. January Jiří Beránek, 75, sculptor and painter Hana Maciuchová, 75, actress and teacher Vlasta Ployharová-Preislerová, 93 years old, opera singer27. January Oldřich Kotyza, 57 years old, archaeologist29. January Vladimír Brych, 59 years old, archaeologist30. January Ladislav Hrabal, 82, tennis player and politician Mirka Křivánková, 67 years old, singer Petr Kužel, 58, politician and entrepreneur31. January Ladislav Štaidl, 75 years old, musician, conductor, composer, lyricist, music arranger, singer and businessman


2nd February Libuše Domanínská, 96 years old, singer4. February Vlastimil Zábranský, 84 years old, artist6. February Václav Kulhánek, 90 years old, clergy7. February Ctirad Fiala, 72, hockey player8. February Petr Sirotek, 74, photographer and cameraman9. February Josef Kolmaš, 87, sinologist and tibetologist11. February Vlastimil Novobilský, 85, chemist, pedagogue and Esperantist12. February Zdeněk Hoření, 91, journalist, politician and deputy Pavel Vácha, 80 years old, photographer13. February Ladislav Nebeský, 84, linguist and mathematician14. February Vladimír Mencl, 94 years old, pianist and painter16. February Otakar Černý, 77, journalist, sports commentator and moderator Libuše Holečková, 88 years old, actress Jan Niedoba, 71, Lutheran pastor Jan Sokol, 84, philosopher, university teacher, publicist and politician Jan Šmarda, 90, doctor and writer17. February Dagmar Lhotová, 91 years old, writer, editor of magazines for children and youth19. February Zdeněk Svoboda, 93 years old, clergyman and poet20. February Petr Brožek, 79, musician and actor22. February Vladimír Kulhánek, 81, politician and publicist23. February František Šedivý, 93 years old, writer and political prisoner25. February Zdeněk Herman, 86 years old, physical chemist26. February Miloš Novák, 68 years old, hockey player


March 1 Vladimír Heger, 89 years old, basketball player Ladislav Kutík, 80 years old, politician Jiří Stegbauer, 72, journalist and writer2. March Radim Pařízek, 67, musician and businessman Jaroslav

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