Deaths in 2022


January 24, 2022

On this page you will find a chronological list of important personalities who died in 2022. It is possible to add personalities who do not yet have their own article, if it is likely that they meet the condition of encyclopedic significance. Personalities are sorted within days alphabetically by last name, or pseudonym. A typical item should have the structure: Name (or pseudonym), age, nationality and occupation, cause of death (if known) and references. If the reference does not clearly indicate the date of death, it is appropriate to state this as "notified on this day".



January 1 Zdeněk Hrabě, 80, hockey player2. January Viktor Vrabec, 80, film, television and theater actor3. January Zdeněk Štajnc, 73, graphic artist and artist8. January Stanislav Rudolf, 89, writer, screenwriter, editor and pedagogue9. January Dušan Klein, 82, director and screenwriter13. January Vítězslav Bouchner, 74, actor and drummer Josef Rusek, 83, zoologist20. January Jiří Plachý, 75, actor and drummer January 23 Radan Dolejš, 57, screenwriter, musician, historian and playwright Eduard Marek, 104, scout and political prisoner



January 1 Gergely Homonnay, 52, Hungarian writer2. January Jens Jørgen Hansen, 82, Danish footballer Richard Leakey, 77, Kenyan politician and paleontologist3. January Mordechai Ben Porat, 98, Israeli politician Viktor Saneev, 76, a former Soviet Trojan jumper of Georgian nationality4. January Rolf-Dieter Amend, 72, German coach5. January Enrico Berti, 86, Italian philosopher Francisco Álvarez Martínez, 96, Spanish Roman Catholic priest Olga Szabóová-Orbánová, 83, Romanian sports fencer6. January Sidney Poitier, 94, American actor, producer and director8. January Michael Lang, 77, American concert promoter9. January Toshiki Kaifu, 91, Japanese politician Bob Saget, 65, American actor and presenter10. January Aura Herzog, 97, Israeli activist Burke Shelley, 71, Welsh bass player, member of Budgie11. January Ahmet Çalık, 27, Turkish footballer David Sassoli, 65, Italian politician and journalist, President of the European Parliament14. January Alice von Hildebrand, 98, American philosopher16. January Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, 76, former Malian president18. January Francisco Gento, 88, Spanish footballer19. January Hans-Jürgen Dörner, 70, East German footballer 20th January Marvin Lee Aday, 74, American rock and pop-rock singer nicknamed Meat Loaf



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