Czech hockey team


July 5, 2022

The Czech national hockey team was established after the breakup of Czechoslovakia, when the Czechoslovak national hockey team was also divided. The Czech team was designated by the IIHF directorate as a follower of the Czechoslovak national team, therefore it was included in the elite group of the World Championship. The Czech hockey team was the only one to win the World Championship three times in a row in the playoff system and was also the first to win a total of 6 gold medals during this time (after the 2021 WC, Canada already has 8 titles, Russia 5, Sweden 6, Finland 3 and Slovakia 1 title ). They are among the traditional and most successful representative teams in the world. From a total of 28 participations at the WC (1993–2022), the Czech national team brought home six gold medals (1996, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2005 and 2010), one silver (2006) and six bronze medals (1993, 1997, 1998, 2011, 2012 and 2022). She has lost the bronze medal match five times (1995, 2003, 2014, 2015 and 2019) and has already finished in the quarterfinals eleven times (1994, 2002, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2021). The Czech team is also among the six strongest teams in the world alongside Canada, Russia, Finland, Sweden and the USA, this group is called the "Big Six".

Total balance of the Czech hockey team against other teams

Balance of matches as of February 12, 2022 (after the Czechia-Russia match at the 2022 Olympics). Source:

International match of the national team

Unofficial international match of the national team

V - win VPP – win after extra time VSN – win after separate raids R – a draw PPP - lost after overtime PSN - loss after separate raids P – loss Until 2006, at all world championships, a win/loss after extra time or after separate raids was counted as a classic win/loss (it was extended only in play-off elimination battles).

Gallery of national team jerseys

Olympic Games

Participation in the Winter Olympics


The most successful ice hockey players at the Winter Olympics in ice hockey

Bold goldZOH xxx silverZOH xxx bronze

World Cup

Participation in the World Cup


The most successful ice hockey players at the World Ice Hockey Championships

Bold gold WC 2006 silver WC 1997, WC 1998, WC 2011, WC 2012, WC 2022 bronze

World Cup

Participation in world cups


Euro Hockey Tour

CZECH HOCKEY GAMES (formerly Pragobanka Cup/Tour, Česká pojišťovna cup, KAJOTbet Hockey Games, Carlson hockey games). Sweden Hockey Games (formerly Oddset Hockey Games, LG Hockey Games, Swedish Hockey Games). Karjala Cup (also Karjala Tournament).

National team captains at World Championships, Olympics and World Cups

Bold gold 7x – Robert Reichel (WC 1996, WC 1997, WC 1998, WC 2000, WC 2001, WC 2003 and WC 2004)4x – Tomáš Plekanec (WC 2012, Olympic Games 2014, WC 2016 and WC 2016)3x – Otakar Janecký (WC 1993, Olympic Games 1994 and WC 1994)3× – Jaromír Jágr (WC 1996, Olympic Games 2002 and WC 2002)3× – Tomáš Rolinek (WC 2010, WC 2011 and WC 2014)3× – Martin Straka (WC 2003 – match with Slovenia, WC 2004 and WC 2004 – match with Germany)3x – David Výborný (WC 2005, WC 2006 and WC 2007)3x – Jakub Voráček (WC 2015, WC 2017 and WC 2019)3x – Roman Červenka (WC 2018, Olympic Games 2022, World Championships 2022)1× – Patrik Eliáš (Olympic Games 2010)1× – Tomáš Kaberle (World Olympic Games 2008)1× – Jiří Kučera (World Olympic Games 1995)1× – Robert Lang (Olympic Games 2006)1× – Jiří Novotný ( World Championships 2013)1× – Pavel Patera (World Championships 1999)1× – Vladimír Růžička (WYD 1998)1× – Marek Židlický (WYD 2009)1× – Martin Erat (WYD 2018)1× – Jan Kovář (WYD 2021)1× – Tomáš Zohorna (WC 2021)

Coaches of the Czech national team

1992/93 Ivan Hlinka, Jaroslav Walter 1993/94 Ivan Hlinka, Stanislav Neveselý 1994/95 Luděk Bukač, Zdeněk Uher 1995/