Shrubby climber


May 28, 2022

The Anyphaena accentuata is a species of spider in the family Anyphaenidae, together with the Dark Climber (Anyphaena furva) the only species of climber living in Central Europe and the Czech territory. The climbing climber was chosen as the European spider of the year 2015.


The climbing climber reaches a body length of about 5-9 mm in the case of females and 4-7 mm in the case of males, of which the thorax measures between 2.5-4 mm. Thanks to the sticky hairs on the tarsus, this species is able to move quickly even on a smooth surface. The thorax is light brown in color, with lobed spots on the sides. The buttocks are light brown to brown-gray, with four black spots developing in the center of the buttocks, which represent a characteristic feature of both the bush climber and the related dark climber. On the underside of the buttocks (middle) it has a clearly visible tracheal spot - the opening of the respiratory system, which in other species of spiders is located in front of the dreaming nipples, where it is not very visible. This is a distinctive feature of all spiders of the family Anyphaenidae. The limbs are yellow-brown, with spots. Females are generally lighter than males.


The climbing climber is a common species widely distributed in temperate areas of the Palaearctic, in the Czech Republic it occurs across the entire territory. It lives in various types of forests, also in forest-steppe areas, or in urban and park areas, and it can be found most often on trunks and crowns of deciduous trees, more rarely on shrubs and conifers. It is more related to preserved natural habitats. He does not weave trapping nets, spends the day in hiding from spun or curled leaves and actively hunts at night (especially smaller winged insects). In the shelter, there is also mating and laying of eggs, while the males develop an interesting breeding ritual, when the females draw attention to their presence by drumming with macadules and front limbs on the walls of her shelter. This activity creates an audible buzzing sound in the human ear. Subadult individuals winter under the bark and in tree cavities, spiders mature in May and June.




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