Women's Tennis Association


December 3, 2021

The Women's Tennis Association (WTA) is an interest organization for professional tennis players that was founded in 1973. In the first years of its operation, it advocated equal rights for men and women in terms of financial rewards in tournaments, which led to successful success over the years. result. In 1976, the WTA began working with the International Tennis Federation to compile an international seasonal tennis calendar and to conduct international competitions through the WIPTC Joint Commission. Since 1977, the WTA has published a fortnightly newspaper with new information on women's tennis, called Inside Women's Tennis. Billie Jean King became the first WTA chairman in history, followed by Chris Evert, Betty Stove, Martina Navrátilová and others. The WTA records historical women's professional circuit records - WTA Tour records and awards - WTA Awards.

WTA Tour

Since 2005, professional women's tennis has been sponsored by Sony Ericsson, which has resulted in the renaming of the women's circuit, which until the end of the cooperation in 2010 bore the official name Sony Ericsson WTA Tour. In October 2010, the circuit name was shortened to the WTA Tour.

WTA Tournament Categories

Classification for the 2008 season

Until the 2008 season, the WTA divided women's tennis tournaments into several performance categories: 1. Grand Slam - four tournaments. 2. Sony Ericsson Championships $ 3.0 million grant. 3. Tier Tournaments: 3a. Tier I category - 9 tournaments, the minimum tournament subsidy had to be $ 1,340,000. 3b. Tier II category - 16 tournaments, minimum tournament subsidy of 600,000 USD. 3c. Tier III category - 17 tournaments, minimum tournament subsidy 175,000 USD. 3d. Tier IV category - 12 tournaments, minimum tournament subsidy 145,000 USD.

Classification since the 2009 season

The WTA has made changes since the 2009 season: 1. Grand Slam - the four most important tournaments (no change). 2. WTA Premier Tournaments - this category replaced the previous Tier I and Tier II categories. The number of tournaments from the original twenty-six events has been reduced. In terms of importance, these tournaments are ranked as follows: WTA Premier Mandatory, WTA Premier 5 and WTA Premier, with a staggered cash prize and WTA rankings. 2a. The WTA Tour Championships, with an original $ 4.9 million grant, is part of the WTA Premier category. From 2019 to 2028, this tournament takes place resp. will be held in the Chinese city of Shenzhen (near Hong Kong). For 2019, a financial subsidy of $ 14.0 million was provided for the bonuses of the participating top eight players of the year (according to a special calculation of points earned in tournaments). 3. WTA International Tournaments - replaced Tier III and Tier IV categories. WTA rankings can also be earned at lower circuit tournaments, the WTA 125s played since the 2012 season and the ITF Women's Circuit, organized by the International Tennis Federation.

WTA rankings

Every Monday (except for grand slams and big tournaments, when there is a delay of fourteen days), a new official WTA rankings are issued. The points in it are added up on the basis of the success of the tennis players in individual tournaments, where each round of the tournament in a given category is evaluated with the appropriate number of points. Points are added only in the last year. WTA Circuit Board Players ’Council 2013 Representatives of 1-20. places rankings Francesca Schiavone, Italy Serena Williams, United States Samantha Stosur, Australia Caroline Wozniacka, Denmark representative from 21+ place rankings Andrea Hlavackova, Czechia representative from 21st - 50th place in the ranking Lucie Šafářová, Czechia representative from 51st to 100th place in the ranking Akgul Amanmuradov

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