1. May


May 28, 2022

May 1 is the 121st day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar (122nd in the leap year). There are 244 days left until the end of the year. This day is Labor Day.



1655 - Pope Alexander VII bull Regimini universalis Ecclesiae agreed to the establishment of the diocese in Litoměřice. 1901 - An electric tram was launched in Ostrava. In connection with this, the operation of the steam tram passenger service was also terminated. 1919 - Hungarian-Czechoslovak War: Czechoslovak troops defeated the Hungarian Red Army at the Battle of Komárno. 1945 - An uprising broke out in Přerov; the beginning of the May uprising of the Czech people. 1953 - On the 1st of May, Czechoslovak Television started broadcasting - from the Měšťanská beseda building. 1955 - A monument to Soviet dictator J. V. Stalin was unveiled in Letná in Prague. The monument was blown up in 1962. 2004 - The Czechia joins the EU. 2014 - A branch of the famous French wax museum Musée Grévin was opened in Prague. 2015 - The 2015 Ice Hockey World Championships have started


0305 - Diocletian, Roman emperor, resigns. 1308 - John of Habsburg, called John Parricida, assassinates his uncle, Roman King Albrecht I of Habsburg. 1519 - Francis of Paula was canonized. 1707 - The Union Act establishes the Kingdom of Great Britain. 1786 - The world premiere of Mozart's opera The Marriage of Figaro takes place in Vienna. 1900 - A book entitled The Laughter of the French Philosopher Henri Bergson is published. 1904 - Russo-Japanese War: The first ground battle takes place on the Yalu River. 1931 - The Empire State Building in New York City opens. 1950 - Demonstrations take place in West Berlin against the FDJ (Free German Youth) meeting in East Berlin. 1951 Radio Free Europe started broadcasting in Munich, Bavaria. Iranian crisis: The Anglo-Iranian oil company was nationalized. 1954 - The Unification Church is founded in South Korea. 1959 - The Slovenian daily Delo is published. 1969 - The American hardware company Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is founded. 1960 Nigeria has declared independence. US pilot Francis Gary Powers was shot down in a U-2 reconnaissance aircraft over the Soviet Union. 1970 - Protests erupt in Seattle after President Richard Nixon announced that US forces in Vietnam could pursue enemy troops into neutral Cambodia. 1974 - ESA is formed by the merger of the European Space Research Organization (ESRO) and the European Organization for the Development of Starting Devices (ELDO). 1978 - The first solo conquest of the North Pole is achieved by dog ​​sledding Japanese Naomi Uemura. 1979 - The Marshall Islands are declared an autonomous republic. 1993 - Austria joins EUROCONTROL. 1997 - British Labor Tohy Blair wins the election after 18 years. 2000 - The US abolished the selective availability of the GPS signal. 2003 - The United States and its allies establish a so-called Interim Coalition Administration in Iraq. In a speech entitled "Mission Completed," President George W. Bush said the major fighting in Iraq was over. 2004 The European Union has expanded to include the Czechia, Estonia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. As a result, the number of European Commissioners has been increased to 30. Ukraine has become a member of EUROCONTROL. 2008 - China opens a bridge over Hangzhou Bay, the longest bridge over the sea. 2009 - Same-sex marriages are legalized in Sweden. 2011 - Former Pope John Paul II is blessed in the Vatican. 2015 - Six police officers are charged with the death of a young African-American, Freddie Gray, who died from injuries sustained during his transfer to Baltimore.



1508 - Zigmund Antoch of Helfenberg, Czech philosopher and mathematician († May 1,